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Registering to Take the PERT Exam at a High School

High school students in Florida must take the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) in order to graduate, unless they are exempt from this requirement by other standardized test scores. The PERT test is taken in students' 11th grade year. The exam is scheduled by their high school.

College PERT Exam Registration

Students who are planning to take the PERT exam at a college will need to follow their school's registration process. Some schools have regular testing for walk-in test-takers while others require students to make arrangements in advance.

Walk-In Testing

Schools with testing centers that administer placement exams, such as PERT tests, on a daily basis may not require individuals to register in advance. Individuals should check with the college that they wish to take the test at to ensure that they have this option.

Schools often have one or more testing sites. Testing times might begin as early as 8:15 am and extend into the evening, though test sites typically close earlier on certain days of the week, such as Friday, and have limited testing hours on weekends.

Advance Registration

Individuals who are planning to take the PERT test at a college may need to schedule their test time in advance. Some schools require individuals to phone and schedule a time while others use an online registration form.

College PERT Registration for High School Students

In some cases, students pursuing dual enrollment must take the PERT exam at the college where they plan on studying. Registration typically requires students to submit an approval letter from their high school prior to signing up for a test. Homeschooled students must submit a letter or articulation agreement from their county school board to verify their status as a homeschooled student.

Other high school students may be able to make arrangements to take the PERT test at a college they are not attending. High school students might need to supply information including their name, social security number, birth date and name of the high school they attend to arrange to take the test at a college.

Testing at a Remote Location

Individuals may be planning to attend a school that is far away from where they currently live and may wish to pursue the remote testing option. Some schools allow students to take the PERT test via proctor at another location and have their results sent to the school. The following steps might be required to make remote testing arrangements:

  • Register as a student at the school they plan on attending and receive a student ID number
  • Contact the school's institutional test administrator no less than 10 days before their desired test date
  • Identify a proctor or suitable alternate test site to take the PERT exam
  • Confirm consent and schedule test at the alternate testing site

What Individuals Need on Exam Day

Individuals who are taking the PERT test at a college are required to show an accepted form of identification, typically a government-issued ID that has not expired and has a photograph on it. Examples include state-issued driver's licenses. A student ID number might also be required.


Individuals who qualify for test adjustments must make those arrangements before scheduling their PERT test date. While students in high school may already have approval for testing accommodations if they are on an IEP or a 504 plan, those who are planning to take the test at a college may need to contact school administrators to apply for accommodations.

Colleges typically have a department that provides services for individuals with disabilities, and they will either process applications for accommodations or guide students through the application process. Typically, individuals will need documentation to show that they have a permanent or temporary disability that affects their ability to take the test in the way that it's typically administered. Each application is considered individually based on that applicant's documented needs.

PERT Study Materials

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