PERT Test Retake Policy


Retaking the PERT Test

The state of Florida uses the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) to determine if individuals are ready to take college-level classes. Individuals may take the test during high school or when applying to college. Taking the test again is typically allowed, although local school districts and colleges set their own regulations for retakes.

High School Retakes

The PERT exam is typically given to high school students during the fall of their junior year. Students who do not do well on one or all of the subtests might have the option of retaking the PERT exam. Individual school boards may opt to restrict retakes, including for individuals who are pursuing dual enrollment.

Students who do take the PERT exam again might be required to take a diagnostic version of the test to identify the areas they had difficulty with and receive instruction designed to help them improve their skills and increase their score before retaking the PERT exam.

Individuals might be able to take the test again without serving a waiting period. However, some school districts require students to wait six weeks following their first testing attempt.

Retakes for College Applicants

Colleges also set their own retake policies for applicants who are taking the PERT test at their facilities. They may limit the number of times a person can take the PERT test, how much time must pass between test attempts and other factors.

For example, some schools allow individuals to take the PERT test one more time as long as they fulfill a 24-hour waiting period from the time of their first attempt. At schools with such restrictive retake policies, students with extenuating circumstances may be allowed an additional attempt on the test, but this is at the college's discretion.

Other colleges allow students to retake the PERT test one or two times within the course of an academic year, though some schools restrict retakes over a two-year period. Students who are permitted multiple retakes might be required to complete a remediation program before attempting the test again. This program might involve taking the diagnostic version of the test as well.

Retakes might also be restricted to individuals who have not have started preparation classes in the subject area they are retesting for.

PERT Score Expiration

After two years, PERT test scores are no longer valid. Individuals who waited for two years following high school before applying to college and individuals who attempted the PERT and did not register for classes within two years of their test date will need to take the PERT test again.

Preparing for a Retake

Individuals who need to take the PERT test again should consider taking advantage of reputable study resources and any testing adjustments they might qualify for prior to making arrangements for a retake.

Testing Accommodations

Individuals who are taking the PERT exam may be eligible to receive some testing adjustments. These accommodations are typically available to students with disabilities. Students with visual impairments may be able to receive a Braille version of the test, for example. Students who are on a 504 plan and students who have an IEP qualify. There are also accommodations for students who do not speak English as their first language.

Students who are taking the PERT test at a college should check with their school to determine how to apply for accommodations and what type of test adjustments are offered.

PERT Test-Prep Course

This PERT: Practice & Study Guide Course contains 101 lessons and a PERT Final Exam that individuals can work through at their own pace. The course is available online and accessible anywhere with an internet connection. This format offers prospective test-takers the convenience of being able to review material anywhere they have a smart phone, computer or tablet.

PERT Study Guide

Students can find a PERT study guide on the Florida Department of Education website. This resource contains a detailed test description, study tips and practice questions to get students acquainted with the test format and content.

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