PHR Test Cost


The Cost of the PHR Exam

The Professional in Human Resources exam carries a fee of $395. Candidates must pay this fee in order to register for an exam location and date. Candidates will not be considered registered for the exam until this fee has been received. Almost all of the fees associated with this exam will be paid to the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Payments can be made by check, money order, or major credit card. All fees are nonrefundable.

Rescheduling Costs

If a candidate needs to reschedule an exam, they must contact Pearson VUE. As long as the candidate reschedules the exam up to two business days before the originally scheduled exam, the candidate will only have to pay a $150 rescheduling fee to Pearson VUE. If a candidate can't reschedule within two business days of the exam, they may be responsible for the full cost of the new exam and application fees.

The other possible scenario is that a candidate may not pass the exam on the first try. If a candidate wants to retake the exam, they can do so after a 90-day waiting period. However, they will have to pay all of the exam and application fees again.

If this is a concern, it's worth noting that the HRCI offers Second Chance Insurance for $250. This is not a required fee but is totally optional. Some candidates may see it as a worthwhile investment to prevent the risk of having to pay the full exam fee for a retake, while others may choose to forego this option.

Additional and Associated Fees

As you're preparing for the costs associated with the PHR certification, please remember that the exam is not the only part of this process to carry a fee. In addition, there is an application fee of $100. Your specific state or exam may carry some extra fees as well, so please consult these websites and guidelines.

Finally, candidates should consider the fees associated with test prep courses. PHR certification exams can be tough, and some candidates choose to utilize a formal prep course to help them prepare. You can find these courses offered by the HRCI, as well as by private companies. Costs for these vary by supplier and packages but can run up to $1,200. The HRCI does offer some bundling options if you can pay for the exam fee, application fee, and a prep course all at once.

In addition to whatever prep courses you choose, you can also check out some of the resources and study aids available through A good place to start is the PHR Information Guide, which provides access to information on the exam, practice tests, and more. You can also utilize the PHR Certification Exam Study Guide - Professional in Human Resources, a study guide with 20 chapters of lessons and practice questions. It covers topics such as organizational policies, employee rights, labor relations, employee feedback, records management, organizational structure, diversity, communication, and workplace safety.

How to Pass the PHR Certification Exam

If you're a human resources professional seeking the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, or if you are looking to maintain your PHR certification, you can find resources to help you pass the exam below.

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