PHR Test Day Preparation

Getting Ready for PHR Test Day

To ensure the best possible test day experience, check out the following suggestions, each of which are discussed in further detail below:

  1. Learn about the PHR exam and decide if it is right for you.
  2. Pay attention to details when registering for the test.
  3. Start your test prep early.
  4. Plan your travels.
  5. Ensure that you will meet all requirements and have proper ID on test day.
  6. Arrive more than 15 minutes early to the testing center.

Learning about the PHR Exam

Decide whether or not a PHR Certification will benefit you and how it aligns with your career goals before opting to sit for this three-hour certification exam. You can learn more about the test and certification process with these PHR resources. Once you are sure that a PHR certification is right for you, it's time to get down to brass tacks and make it happen.


In the human resources profession, the Human Resources Certification Institute is a widely recognized credentialing organization that awards the PHR and other human resources certifications. Registration for the PHR can be completed entirely online at the HRCI website. When you are ready to register, carefully review the most up-to-date information regarding eligibility requirements, test dates, and test locations at that time. Consider this information carefully before you pay the fee to register for the exam.

With proper planning, you'll avoid the need (and the additional fees!) to reschedule or cancel your test date. Ask yourself: Do I meet the eligibility requirements? Is the testing center location a place I can get to? Can I ensure my availability, without distraction, for the entire day of the test? These considerations can go a long way toward a positive experience on test day.

Getting to the Testing Center

If you find that you need to travel to an unfamiliar area to take the exam, familiarize yourself with the test center location, review the directions, and be sure to leave yourself extra travel time on test day. Plan your drive and learn about the parking situation at the testing center. Arriving minutes before the exam is to start and discovering a cash only parking lot when you only have a debit card will not have you in an ideal test-taking frame of mind. Avoid this type of scenario by planning ahead.

PHR Exam Study Guides and Tools

We all know how crucial a good night's sleep is at any time, but it is especially important prior to exam day. One way to decrease anxiety, and increase your odds of getting the needed rest, is to start your test prep studies well in advance of the test date.

The breadth and depth of information that you'll find in a comprehensive PHR Study Guide could keep your brain busy for weeks or even months. Start your review early to ensure you are able to take enough time to get comfortable with material you will encounter on the PHR.


Because of the security measures required at all testing centers, you must present a valid photo ID in order to test. There will be NO exception to this rule.

The ID that you present at the testing center must match exactly the name that you used when registering for the exam and must be issued in the same country where you are testing. If not, you will forfeit all the fees you paid to register and be required to start this whole process over from the beginning.

Information pertaining to acceptable forms of ID is available in the PHR Candidate Handbook as well as during the registration process. Take note of it, and if needed, take action right way if you have concerns related to identification requirements. Individual situations vary greatly, so it is important for you to review all of the requirements and ensure you meet them.

Arrival Time

You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam to check in. If you're late, you might not be allowed to test and you will have to start the registration process all over again.

To summarize, pay attention to details when registering for the test, ensure that you will meet all eligibility requirements and have proper ID on test day, start your test prep early, plan your travels, and arrive early to the testing center. Doing these things can help ensure the best possible test day experience. Good luck and happy testing!

How to Pass the PHR Certification Exam

If you're a human resources professional seeking the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, or if you are looking to maintain your PHR certification, you can find resources to help you pass the exam below.

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