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What is Praxis Math?

The Praxis Series is a collection of exams administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) for those pursuing an education degree or teaching license. Within this suite of exams, ETS offers a set of Praxis math tests for prospective teachers. These exams include the Praxis Core Math exam, which assesses fundamental mathematical knowledge, and a collection of Praxis Math Subject Assessments, which focus on specific grade levels of mathematics. Depending on your state and desired grade level, you may need to take one or multiple Praxis math exams to obtain your degree or certification.

Praxis Core Math (Praxis I Math)

Formerly known as Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) , Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Praxis Core) is a general exam taken by many prospective teachers . The Praxis Core exam consists of three subtests which can be taken separately or as one combined assessment. These subtests cover three fundamental subjects: reading, writing, and mathematics. As Praxis Core Math is a section of the general Praxis Core assessment, many collegiate education programs evaluate Praxis Core Math scores during their admissions processes. In addition, many states' teaching licenses require a passing score. Check with your state, licensing agency, or education program to find out if you need to take Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (5732, 5733).

Praxis Math Subject Assessments (Praxis II Math)

While many prospective teachers must take the Praxis Core Math exam, the Praxis Math Subject Assessments are designed with specific grade levels in mind. These more focused exams in the Praxis Series were formerly known as Praxis II Math exams, and they are still commonly referred to by that name. Praxis 2 Math can be categorized by Praxis high school math, Praxis middle school math, and Praxis elementary math . In addition, there are several Praxis subject assessments that contain math sections but do not primarily focus on mathematics. If you are unsure which Praxis II Math Subject Assessment you need to take, check the ETS official website for state requirements.

Elementary Middle Grades High School
Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest (5003)

Elementary Education: Mathematics - CKT (7803)

Elementary Education: Mathematics - Applied CKT (7903)
Middle Grades Mathematics (5169)

PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158)
Algebra I (5162)

Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161)

How to Pass the Praxis Math Tests

To give yourself the best chance of passing your Praxis math exam, you should prepare carefully, step-by-step.

  1. Find your exam. Check with your state, education program, or licensing organization to determine which Praxis math exam you need to take.
  2. Get to know your test. Become familiar with the exam content, question types, and test length.
  3. Organize your study habits. Design a study plan that works for your schedule and covers all exam material. Plan out study intervals and create a daily or weekly routine to maintain consistent progress.
  4. Use the right tools. Use Praxis Core Math or Praxis II Math study guides and practice tests to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your knowledge. Refocus your study plan as necessary to ensure that you are fully prepared.

Praxis Core Math & Praxis II Math Study Guides on

Whether you are studying for Praxis Core Math or a Praxis Math Subject Assessment, offers comprehensive Praxis Math study guides to help you ace your exam. Our Praxis Core Math study guides and Praxis 2 Math study guides provide a structured approach to all the exam content, complete with short, engaging video lessons, text lessons, and flashcards. Take the course at your own pace and gauge your knowledge with our Praxis math practice tests and quizzes.

Check out the following comprehensive Praxis Math study guides:

Don't see the study guide for your test? Visit our complete list of Praxis Study Guides.

Prepare for test day with our Praxis Core Math practice test and Praxis II Math practice tests. Gauge your understanding before you begin studying, or evaluate your progress along the way. Our free 15-question Praxis math practice tests help you get started and identify concepts you need to focus on. Our 50 question practice tests, available to members, emulate the content of the real exam, ensuring that you are fully prepared to ace the exam!

Test your knowledge of Praxis Math content using one of our Praxis Math practice tests:

Don't see your test? Visit our complete list of Praxis Practice Tests.

How is Praxis Math scored?

While the Praxis exams are standardized across the country, each Praxis Math passing score is set by individual states and licensing agencies. After completing your exam, ETS will provide you with a score report that displays your highest raw score for each test alongside the relevant passing score for comparison. In addition to letting you know whether you passed the exam, the report provides a scaled score which can be compared to scores from other editions of the test.

Praxis Core Math has a passing score of 150 in all states except for Washington (142). However, Praxis II Math scores often vary more significantly throughout the country. For more details on Praxis 2 Math scores, read our article on passing scores for the Praxis tests.

Praxis Math Test Dates & Locations

Praxis test dates differ depending on which Praxis math exam you plan to take. ETS offers continuous, year-round test dates for all Praxis Core exams, as well as several popular Praxis Math Subject Assessments. Other Praxis II Math test dates are limited to specific times of year.

Continuous Testing Limited Test Dates
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (5732, 5733) Elementary Education: Mathematics-CKT (7803)
Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest (5003) Elementary Education: Mathematics - Applied CKT (7903)
Middle Grades Mathematics (5169) PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics (5158)
Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) Algebra I (5162)

Whichever exam and exam date fits best, you should be able to find a testing center near you. Praxis testing centers are located at Prometric centers within the United States and internationally, as well as some universities and other locations throughout the country. View the test dates and locations for your Praxis math exam by visiting the ETS Test Dates and Centers page.

Praxis Math Registration

You can register for any Praxis exam by phone, by mail, or online via the ETS website. While most Praxis math exams must be taken individually, some, including the Praxis Core Math exam, can be taken in combination with other tests. Prices vary for tests and range between $60 and $120.

Test Code Test Title Test Time Fee
5732, 5733 Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics 1 hr. 25 mins. 90
5003 Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest (5003) 1 hr. 5 mins. 60
7803 Elementary Education: Mathematics-CKT 2 hrs. 74
7903 Elementary Education: Mathematics - Applied CKT 2 hrs. 79
5169 Middle Grades Mathematics 2 hrs. 120
5158 PA Grades 4-8 Subject Concentration: Mathematics 2.5 hrs. 75
5162 Algebra I (5162) 2.5 hrs. 120
5161 Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) 2.5 hrs. 120

To learn more about Praxis registration, read this article on how to register for the Praxis exam.

What Is Praxis?

The Praxis is a series of exams designed to measure the subject & pedagogical knowledge of teacher candidates. Find out which Praxis exams you need to take and how to register. Learn about exam structure, content, and preparation tips.

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