Praxis Score Requirements by State


Passing Praxis Test Scores

The scaled range of possible scores for most Praxis Core Academic Skills and Subject Assessment exams is between 100 - 200 points. Each state that uses Praxis tests determines its own passing score threshold. While the overall range of passing scores for individual tests in different states varies, some commonalities exist, especially for the Core Academic Skills exams.

Core Academic Skills State Scoring Requirements

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (usually shortened to Praxis Core, or referred to by its old name, Praxis I) is a set of three tests designed to assess teacher training candidates' skills and knowledge in three foundational subjects. Test takers can register for each test separately, or sign up for the combined Praxis Core exam and take all sections at once. Exams may be composed on selected response, constructed response, or numeric entry questions.

TestPossible ScorePassing Score Requirement
Praxis Core Mathematics 100 - 200 150 for all states except Washington, which requires 142
Praxis Core Reading 100 - 200 156 for all states
Praxis Core Writing 100 - 200 162 for all states except Washington (158) and North Dakota (160)

Subject Assessment State Scoring Requirements

Praxis Subject Assessments (formerly known as Praxis II) test knowledge in specific subjects. Tests may include both selected and constructed response questions; prospective test takers should research the particular exam they plan to take to understand what types of questions to expect. Passing score ranges for Subject Assessments usually fall between 127-177 on a maximum 200 -point scale.

Number of TestsPossible ScorePassing Score Range for Individual Tests
More than 90 100 - 200* 127 - 177

*The ParaPro Assessment, used by many states to assess the expertise of paraprofessionals, has a possible scoring range of 420 - 480 and the range of passing scores by state ranges from 455 to 466.

How to Pass Praxis Exams in Your State

Each state designates their own passing score; when preparing for the Praxis follow these steps to maximize your chances of success:

  • Research your test: What is the official test code for registration? What is the test makeup like? What content does it cover? Consult official sources like ETS.
  • Find your state's passing score for the test: Understanding average score ranges helps you target your studying, but it's important to know what your state has designated a passing score.
  • Gather prep materials: ETS offers free study companions with a content guide and sample questions to help you get an idea of the overall content to study.
  • Utilize test prep resources to create a comprehensive plan: can help you turn your test format knowledge into a concrete study plan - our Study Guides are aligned to official content guides. Simply set a target date and we'll help you cover everything before test day. Our practice tests help you target your areas of strength and weakness so you can spend your prep time on content areas that matter. Bite-sized lessons with quizzes help you assess progress along the way and feel confident on exam day.

Explore's test prep resources for Praxis Core and Praxis Subject Assessments

Average Scoring Ranges for Praxis Subject Assessments

ETS provides data on average score ranges to give an idea both of the difficulty of various exams and to provide study benchmarks. View the table below for scoring range data on some of the most popular Subject Assessments, taken from data reported by ETS for tests taken between August 2015 and July 2018.

Test Name Number of Test Takers Possible Score Average Performance Range
Elementary Education: Reading & Language Arts Subtest (5002) 37647 100-200 161-179
Elementary Education: Mathematics Subtest (5003) 38982 100-200 161-186
Elementary Education: Social Studies Subtest (5004) 37920 100-200 156-177
Elementary Education: Science Subtest (5005) 37899 100-200 161-179
Praxis PLT - Grades 7-12 (5624) 31630 100-200 169-183
Praxis PLT - Grades K-6 (5622) 30084 100-200 169-183
Speech-Language Pathology (5331) 21766 100-200 171-184
Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) 16665 100-200 160-179
Praxis Mathematics - Content Knowledge (5161) 15974 100-200 137-169
Praxis Social Studies - Content Knowledge (5081) 12819 100-200 157-178
Praxis English Language Arts - Content Knowledge (5038) 14825 100-200 171-186
Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) 14097 100-200 165-181
Middle School Mathematics (5169) 13252 100-200 157-180
ParaPro Assessment (1755) 78863 420-480 462-476

State by State Praxis Information & Resources

Find your state in the list below to view more informational resources about Praxis exams specific to your locale:

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