Praxis Test Retake Policy


Retake Policy for Praxis Exams

It is possible to take the Praxis tests again if you need or choose to do so. There is no limit to the number of times an individual can retake a Praxis test as long as the waiting period requirement is fulfilled.

Waiting Period Requirement

Those who wish to take a Praxis test again must wait for a full three weeks beginning the day after they took their Praxis test. This policy is applicable to all tests and testing applicants. For Praxis exams that contain multiple subtests the same rule applies. That means that an applicant who took the Early Childhood: Multiple Subject combined test, for example, must wait 21 days before they can retake the combined test or any one of the subtests.

Applicants who do retake a Praxis test without waiting for the full waiting period to elapse will forfeit their test fees and not receive scores for their retake.

Retake Exam Fee

In order to retake a Praxis text, you will be required to pay the test fee again. It is possible to register online or to register by phone for an additional fee. Fee payment options include Visa, PayPal and money order.

Reasons For Retaking The Praxis

There are a number of reasons why an individual may wish to retake a Praxis test. Test-takers can retake an exam if they didn't score high enough to meet state certification requirements on the first attempt. Retakes are also possible for those who may have experienced circumstances beyond their control on their first attempt, such as transit delays due to bad weather or being in a car accident, or other reasons that affected their ability to successfully complete a Praxis exam.

Preparing To Retake a Test

Evaluating Your Test-Preparation Process

There are several things to consider when you are getting ready to retake the Praxis test. They include:

  • Whether you sought appropriate accommodations
  • Whether you studied sufficiently the first time
  • External factors, such as weather or illness, that affected your Praxis test score

In order to facilitate your success on a retake, it is important to identify the reasons you feel you did not perform optimally the first time you took the test. By going through an assessment process you can determine what corrections to make prior to scheduling your retake.

Weather and Other Considerations

If you are taking the Praxis tests during the winter months then you may need to carefully consider the time of day you schedule your test for so that you have extra time available to get to your test location if there is bad weather. Transit delays can cause stress and arriving late will limit the time you have available to take the test so taking steps to avoid transit issues can improve your chances of success.

Test Accommodations

You may have an illness or disability that qualifies you for extra time to complete your Praxis test. Be sure to refer to the Praxis Test Information Bulletin online to determine if you may qualify for accommodations.

Adjusting Study Habits

Sometimes, individuals underestimate the amount of time they need to prepare for an exam. Before you reschedule your Praxis test, review your upcoming commitments and block out regular study time for your Praxis test. Do not reschedule your test until you have had a sufficient amount of time to study for the test.

Some people opt to study independently while others work with study partners or study groups. It's also an option to combine your approach to studying. Consider what study methods you used to prepare for the test the first time and how effective they were. Can you get more studying done if you work alone? Are you more likely to stay focused on reviewing the material if you have a study partner or group to keep you accountable? By being honest with yourself about your study habits and your ability to stay focused on the material when working alone or in groups, you can make effective decisions about how to structure your study time.

Accessing Study Materials

One way to improve your odds of success on your Praxis exams is by developing a study schedule and ensuring you cover all parts of the Praxis exam. Each Praxis exam has a study guide resource that is available online that can be accessed by searching for the PDF file with the Praxis test name. Praxis Study Guides can also be accessed that include sample questions and practice tests.

Use these additional links to access study materials directly to prepare for the Praxis Core tests:

This list contains links to study materials for some of the Content Knowledge Praxis tests:

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