Praxis Tests in Colorado

Teacher Licensure Requirements in Colorado

To become an educator in Colorado, you'll need to hold a bachelor's degree and complete a teacher preparation program. There are various ways to achieve endorsement in your specialty area:

1. A bachelor's degree in the subject area

2. Another approved program that leads to licensure/endorsement

3. 24 semester hours of coursework in the subject area

4. Praxis II Subject Assessment examinations

This article will detail the fourth method, the Praxis II Subject Assessment examinations. As of June 9, 2016, the Colorado State Board of Education decided to adopt the Praxis exams for most endorsement areas. Previously, Colorado accepted the state's own Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE) tests. If you've already taken the PLACE exams, your scores will be accepted until May 6, 2022.

For aspiring teachers coming from a different career background, Colorado offers an Alternative Teacher Preparation Program where you can demonstrate competence in an endorsement area and complete a teacher preparation program.

Praxis Subject Assessments Accepted in Colorado

There are different certifications and Praxis exams for teaching specific grades and subjects. Below, you'll find several detailed charts of Colorado teaching certifications and their associated Praxis II exam, including the test name and required passing score.

Click here for more general information on the Praxis II Subject Assessment exams.

Early Childhood Education

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Early Childhood Education (Birth-8) Education of Young Children (5024) 160

Elementary Education

You may take the lengthier Multiple Subjects test which includes all the subject areas, or take the individual tests for each subject area.

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Elementary Education Multiple Subjects (5001) must pass all subjects
Elementary Education Reading and Language (5002) 157
Elementary Education Mathematics (5003) 157
Elementary Education Social Studies (5004) 155
Elementary Education Science (5005) 159

Secondary Education

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Agricultural and Renewable Natural Resources Agriculture (5701) 147
Business OR Business / Marketing Business Education: Content Knowledge (5101) 154
English Language Arts English Language Arts: Content Knowledge (5038) 167
Family and Consumer Sciences Family and Consumer Sciences (5122) 153
Marketing Marketing Education (5561) 157
Mathematics Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) 152
Middle School Mathematics (Grades 6-8) Middle School Mathematics (5169) 165
Science General Science: Content Knowledge (5435) 152
Social Studies Social Studies: Content Knowledge (5081) 150
Speech Speech Communication (5221) 146
Technology Education (Industrial Arts) Technology Education (5051) 159

Praxis Tests for All Grades

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Art (K-12) Art: Content and Analysis (5135) 158
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse OR Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Bilingual (K-12) English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362) 155
Drama (K-12) Theatre (5641) 153
Gifted Education Core OR Gifted Education Specialist (PreK-12) Gifted Education (5358) 157
Health (K-12) Health Education (5551) 155
Instructional Technology Specialty OR Instructional Technology Teacher (K-12) Computer Science (5652) 149
Music (K-12) Music: Content Knowledge (5113) 161
Physical Education (K-12) Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5091) 148
Reading Specialist (K-12) Reading Specialist (5301) 164
Reading Teacher (K-12) Teaching Reading (5204) 159
Teacher (School) Librarian (K-12) Library Media Specialist (5311) 148

World Languages

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
French (K-12) French: World Language (5174) 162
German (K-12) German: World Language (5183) 163
Latin (K-12) Latin (5601) 152
Mandarin Chinese (K-12) Chinese (Mandarin): World Language (5665) 164
Spanish (K-12) Spanish: World Language (5195) 163

Special Education

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Early Childhood Special Education (Birth-8) Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood (5691) 159
Special Education Generalist (Ages 5-21) OR Special Education Specialist (Ages 5-21) Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) 151
Special Education Specialist: Deaf/Hard of Hearing (Ages 5-21) Special Education: Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (5272) 160
Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired (Ages 5-21) Special Education: Teaching Students with Visual Impairments (5282) 163


Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code (Required beginning September 1, 2019) Required Passing Score
Administrator (K-12) OR Director of Gifted Education (Administrator) (K-12) OR Director of Special Education (Administrator) (K-12) School Superintendent Assessment (6991) 162
Principal (K-12) Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5412) 146

Instructional Support Personnel

Certification Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Audiology Audiology (5342) 170
School Counselor (SSP Only; Birth-21) Professional School Counselor (5421) 156
School Psychologist School Psychologist - 5402 147
Speech Language Pathology Speech-Language Pathology (5331) 162

Praxis Test-Taking Registration and Centers in Colorado

Praxis exams in Colorado are all computer-based. Students must take Praxis exams at official test centers.

You can register for a Praxis exam in Colorado online, by mail, or by phone.

Here is a list of Colorado testing locations (as of August 2019).

Testing Center Address
Adams State University 208 Edgemont Blvd, Alamosa, CO 81101
Boulder - Longmont 700 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501
Colorado Springs - N. Academy Boulevard 2790 N. Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Colorado State University - Fort Collins 1251 S. Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80523
Colorado State University - Pueblo 2200 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81001
Community College of Denver 800 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80204
Denver - Greenwood Village 5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Front Range Community College 4616 S. Shields, Fort Collins, CO 80526
University of Colorado - Boulder 1540 30th Street - Career Services-Testing, Boulder, CO 80309

If you take your Praxis assessments at one of these Colorado test-taking centers, your scores will automatically be sent to the Colorado Department of Education.

If you test in a different state or country, you must designate the Colorado State Department of Education as a score report recipient. The state code is 7040.

To learn more about how to find test centers and register, see's Praxis Test: General Info.

Praxis Practice Tests & Study Guides for Colorado can be part of your Praxis examination preparation plan. Through, you can take a free 15-question quiz for each Praxis exam. For example:

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Available practice and study guides include:

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