Praxis Tests in Louisiana

Which Praxis Tests Are Required in Louisiana?

Louisiana requires prospective teachers to take three types of Praxis tests to obtain licensure.

Praxis Core Exams

All teacher candidates must successfully complete the Praxis Core Academic Skills tests, which cover mathematics, reading and writing. You may select to take each exam separately or take a lengthier combined test including all three areas.

Please note that Louisiana does accept a composite score of 22 on the ACT or a combined verbal/critical reading and math score of 1030 in place of Core exams.

Test Test Code Qualifying Score
Core Reading 5712 156
Core Writing 5722 162
Core Mathematics 5732, 5733 150

Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Exams

Licensure also typically requires taking and passing a Principles of Learning and Teaching exam related to the grade level being taught.

TestTest CodeQualifying Score
PLT: Early Childhood 5621 157
PLT: Grades K-6 5622 160
PLT: Grades 5-9 5623 160
PLT: Grades 7-12 5624 157

Praxis Subject Area Exams

Additionally, prospective teachers in Louisiana must pass subject tests designed to measure knowledge of their specific subject area.

Each subject-specific test has a different qualifying score set by the state. Most minimum scores fall between 150 and 168. On the Praxis Louisiana test requirements page, you can find qualifying scores for subject area exams listed by the following categories:

Certification Area Subject Specific Test (Test Code)
Birth - Kindergarten Early Childhood Education (5025) OR Education of Young Children (5024) OR Pre-Kindergarten Education (5531)
Early Childhood PK-3 Elementary Education: Multiple Subject Combined Test (5001)
Elementary Education 1-5 Elementary Education: Multiple Subject Combined Test (5001)
Middle School Grades 4-8 Algebra I (5162), Middle School English Language Arts (5047), Middle School Mathematics (5169), Middle School Science (5440), Middle School Social Studies (5089)
Secondary School Grades 6-12 Algebra I (5162), Biology: Content Knowledge (5235), Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245), English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039), General Science: Content Knowledge (5435), Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161), Physics: Content Knowledge (5265), Social Studies: Content and Interpretation (5086), Speech Communications: Content Knowledge (5221)
All Grades Art: Content Knowledge (5134), Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5857), Music: Content Knowledge (5113)

Subject-specific tests are also available in the areas of world languages, administrator / school leader, special education, vocational education, and instructional support personnel.

When Are Praxis Tests Offered in Louisiana?

The Core Academic Skills Tests are administered continuously. Each of them includes around an hour and a half of testing time. You may also select to take the Core Academic Skills for Educators Combined Test that includes all three areas. The testing time for this exam is four hours and thirty minutes.

Many subject area tests and the Principles of Learning and Teaching exams are offered during 12-day testing windows. The frequency with which these testing windows are available varies by exam, though many exams offer testing windows around once a month.

Scoring & Reporting for Louisiana Praxis Exams

If your test includes only selected response questions, you can view unofficial scores at the end of your testing session. However, sometimes further analysis is needed and scores will not be available upon completion of the test.

If you take your Praxis exams in Louisiana, official scores will be automatically sent to the Louisiana Department of Education. If you test in another state, you must record the Louisiana Department of Education (state code 7330) as a score recipient.

Official scores will also be available in your online MyPraxis account. For tests offered continuously, such as the Core exams, scores will most likely be posted 1-2 weeks after your test date. For exams given in testing windows, scores will typically be available 2-3 weeks after the testing window closes. Scores are available digitally for ten years after the score reporting date.

Where Can I Take a Praxis Test in Louisiana?

Praxis testing sites in Louisiana include New Orleans, Metairie, Lacombe, Hammond, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Eunice, Lake Charles, and Alexandria. You can select one testing location when you sign up to test through the Praxis registration portal on the ETS website ( During registration you will also need to select which test(s) you want to take and choose a test date.

The state of Louisiana requires your SSN to complete requests for certification, so you may need to provide this during registration or risk holding up your certification.

How Can I Prepare for Praxis Exams in Louisiana?

Praxis exams vary in length, depending on the subject covered, but all exams include in-depth questions to measure the understanding of test takers. offers a variety of study guides that can help you review the subject matter covered by these exams to prepare you for success. These courses include expert instruction, engaging video lessons and self-assessment opportunities. You can study as much as you need, whenever you'd like, as you get ready for these exams.

To get ready for the Core Academic Skills exams, check out these test-prep courses:

Additionally, there are preparatory materials for each of the Principles of Teaching and Learning (PLT) exams.

You'll also find study guides for the following Praxis subject tests, which are grouped below by licensure area and teaching subject.

Exam Category Available Study Guides
Birth-Kindergarten/Early Childhood Education of Young Children, Early Childhood Education, Pre-Kindergarten Education, Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects
Elementary Education Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects
Middle School Education Grades 4-8 Algebra I, Middle School English Language Arts, Middle School Mathematics, Middle School Social Studies, Middle School Science
Secondary Education Grades 6-12 Algebra I, Biology, Chemistry, English Language Arts: Content and Analysis, General Science, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies
All Grades Art, Health and Physical Education
World Languages Spanish
Special Education Special Education Preschool / Early Childhood, Special Education
Vocational Education Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences
Education Specialist Certifications Professional School Counselor

Each state's Praxis requirements are different. Browse state specific Praxis requirements here.

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