Praxis Tests in Nebraska

Praxis Tests Used for Certification and Endorsement in Nebraska

All Nebraska teachers are required to earn certification, and the Praxis tests are a large part of that process. First, to become a certified educator in Nebraska, it is necessary to complete an approved teacher preparation program, and one of the prerequisites for program admission is passing scores on the Praxis Core tests. If you've completed your educator preparation program in another state, you'll still need to pass the Praxis Core to qualify for Nebraska teacher licensure.

Then, to earn an initial endorsement, potential teachers are also required to complete one or more Praxis Subject Assessment content knowledge tests. This depends on what subject and grade they plan to teach. The details of these tests are provided in the following section.

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) in Nebraska

The Praxis Core ensures that individuals have the reading, writing, and mathematics skills needed to succeed as a teacher. Beginning on August 1, 2020, Nebraska will require an updated version of the Core tests, so information charts for both tests are included below.

Up until July 31, 2020:

Praxis Subtest Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading (5712) 156
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing (5722) 162
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (5732) 150

Beginning August 1, 2020:

Praxis Subtest Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading (5713) 156
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing (5723) 162
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics (5733) TBA150

You can take the three subtests one at a time, or you can complete them all at once by signing up for the Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (5751 or 5752). You must receive passing scores on all three tests.

The Core Reading test assesses your ability to process written content, form connections and conclusions, and effectively evaluate the material presented, while the Core Writing test evaluates your skills in writing material that's informative, writing effective persuasive content, and editing text effectively. Through the Core Mathematics test, you'll prove your mathematics skills in areas such as algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Praxis Tests for Teacher Endorsements in Nebraska

In Nebraska, you must earn an endorsement for your specialization, whether that is a grade level or a content subject. Here you can see all the tests organized in this alphabetical chart. Following this chart is supplementary information about some of the endorsements:

Endorsement Praxis Exam Name and Test Code Required Passing Score
Agricultural Education Agriculture (5701) 147
Art Art: Content Knowledge (5134) 158
Basic Business Business Education: Content Knowledge (5101) 154
Biology Biology: Content Knowledge (5235) 148
Business, Marketing, Information Technology (BMIT) Business Education: Content Knowledge (5101) 154
Chemistry Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245) 140
Early Childhood Inclusive (formerly ECEU) Education of Young Children (5024) 160
Earth and Space Science Earth and Space Science: Content Knowledge (5571) 147
Economics Economics (5911) 150
Elementary Education Elementary Education: Curriculum and Instruction Assessment (5017) 153
English Language Arts English Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) 168
Family and Consumer Sciences Family and Consumer Sciences (5122) 153
General Art (K-6) Art: Content Knowledge (5134) 158
Geography Geography (5921) 157
Health and Physical Education Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5857) 160
Health Education Health Education (5551) 155
History World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge (5941 ) 147
Industrial Technology Education Technology Education (5051) N/A
Instrumental Music Music: Content and Instruction (5114) 152
Mathematics Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161) 146
Middle Grades English Language Arts (Grades 5-9) Middle School English Language Arts (5047) 164
Middle Grades Mathematics (Grades 5-9) Middle School Mathematics (5169) 157
Middle Grades Science (Grades 5-9) Middle School Science (5440) 150
Middle Grades Social Science (Grades 5-9) Middle School Social Studies (5089) 155
Music Music: Content and Instruction (5114) 152
Physical Education Physical Education: Content Knowledge (5091) 146
Physics Physics: Content Knowledge (5265) 131
Political Science Government/Political Science (5931) 149
PrincipalEducational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5412) 146
Psychology Psychology (5391) 154
Reading Specialist Reading Specialist (5301) 164
School Counselor Professional School Counselor (5421) 156
School Librarian Library Media Specialist (5311) 151
School Psychologist School Psychologist (5402) 147
Science (formerly Natural Science) General Science: Content Knowledge (5435) 148
Secondary EnglishEnglish Language Arts: Content and Analysis (5039) 168
Social Science Social Studies: Content Knowledge (5081) 154
Sociology Sociology (5952) 154
Special Education (formerly Special Education: Mild/Moderate) Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (5354) 151
Special Education: Deaf or Hard of Hearing/Subject Special Education: Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students (5272) 160
Special Education: Early Childhood Special Education Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (5023) 166
Special Education: Visual Impairment Special Education: Teaching Students with Visual Impairments (5282) 163
Special Education Supervisor Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision (5412) 146
Speech-Language Pathologist Speech-Language Pathology (5331) 162
Superintendent School Superintendent Assessment (6021) (Accepted through July 31, 2020) OR School Superintendent Assessment (6991) (Required beginning August 1, 2020) 152 / 162
Vocal Music Music: Content and Instruction (5114) 152
World Language French: World Language (5174) OR German: World Language (5183) OR Latin (5601) OR Spanish: World Language (5195) 162 / 163 / 155 / 156

Education of Young Children Praxis Test

This test is designed to assess the skills and knowledge of applicants who intend to teach students in preschool, kindergarten, or grades 1, 2, or 3. Applicants are tested on such topics as their knowledge of development during early childhood, how to work with students with different needs, and instructional techniques.

Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Praxis

This Praxis test evaluates the knowledge applicants have of a variety of topics taught in elementary schools, including mathematics, science, social studies, reading, language arts, art, music, and physical education. It also assesses applicants' abilities to develop a curriculum and effectively teach these subjects.

Subject Area Praxis Tests

Secondary middle school and high school teachers, as well as K-12 teachers who teach subjects such as music, physical education, or world language, must take the appropriate Praxis test specific to their chosen field. If your specialty is a subjects such as art, biology, psychology, or physical education, there is a corresponding Praxis test and endorsement.

Special Education Praxis Tests

There are Praxis tests that qualify applicants to teach special education to specific age groups, including early childhood education, or to work with various student populations. Special education tests require applicants to demonstrate an understanding of how people develop and learn, as well as how to address specific learning needs in the classroom.

World Language Praxis Tests

In order to teach French, Spanish, German, or Latin, it is necessary to pass the appropriate world language Praxis. These tests evaluate applicants' abilities to read, write, and speak in their chosen language. They also need to demonstrate that they can understand the language when they listen to someone speak it.

Praxis Tests for Other Education Professionals

Schools need more than just teachers. They also need administrators, like principals and school superintendents, as well as other development professionals, such as reading specialists, school counselors, library media specialists, and school psychologists. These professionals must also take the subject-area Praxis tests that are required for endorsement in those areas.

Praxis Testing Centers in Nebraska

Whether you plan to take the Praxis in Nebraska or another state, make sure you select the Nebraska Department of Education as a score recipient as your scores may not automatically be sent. The code you'll need is 7643.

Here is a chart of all the Praxis testing centers approved by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). This data was last updated in September 2019. Always double check the website ( for the most recent information.

Testing Center Address
ETS - University of Nebraska University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182
Lincoln South 34th Street 5715 S 34th St, STE 300, Lincoln, NE 68516
Northeast Community College 801 E Benjamin Ave, Norfolk, NE 68702
Omaha Davenport Street 11225 Davenport Street, Omaha, NE 68154
Prometrics Test Center 2620 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601
York College 912 Kiplinger Ave, York, NE 68467

Preparing to Take the Praxis in Nebraska

If you're just getting started with teacher certification and seeking to meet Nebraska's basic skills requirement, you can use the resources linked here to study for your Praxis tests.

Additional subject area exams for aspiring K-12, elementary education, middle, and high school teachers can also be found in this collection of Praxis Study Guides.

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