Praxis Tests in Wyoming


Praxis Tests Used by the State of Wyoming

Wyoming uses Praxis tests as part of the certification process for elementary school teachers, middle school social studies teachers, high school social studies teachers, special education teachers and early childhood educators. It is only necessary for applicants to take a Praxis test when they are receiving their initial certification.

Early Childhood Educators

There are three types of certification for early childhood teachers. In order to receive the appropriate early childhood education certification, applicants must take the test intended for the age group they plan to teach, or the test required to work with young children with special needs.

Education of Young Children

Applicants may pursue qualifications to teach students from birth through age 8 by taking the Education of Young Children Praxis. This 150-minute test that contains 120 questions covers the development of children in this age group. Applicants must demonstrate that they understand how to identify age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate activities/environments for preschool students and elementary children in kindergarten or grades 1 through 3. Part of the test also focuses on establishing that applicants have enough knowledge of language arts and mathematics to effectively teach young children.

Pre-Kindergarten Education

The Pre-Kindergarten Education Praxis is required for those that wish to teach students from birth to age 5. Applicants have 2 hours to answer 100 questions that assess their knowledge of how students develop and factors that can impact the learning process, such as disabilities. Portions of the test also evaluate the applicant's understanding of lesson plan requirements, how to evaluate students' progress and appropriate educator conduct.

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Those who would like to work with students in special education from birth to age 5 must take the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education test. This test lasts 2 hours and contains 120 questions that focus on child development and the laws and regulations governing special education. Applicants will also be evaluated on their ability to produce suitable instruction plans and assess student work. The applicant's understanding of legal and ethical factors that impact their profession is also covered in this exam.

Elementary School Teachers

In order to qualify for certification to teach students in elementary school, aspiring elementary teachers in Wyoming must take the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Praxis.

This test is comprised of 4 subtests. The reading and language arts subtest is the longest portion of the test. It lasts 90 minutes and contains 80 questions. The mathematics subtest is just over an hour long and has 50 questions, while the science subtest has a 50-minute time allotment for 50 questions. The social studies subtest has 55 questions and a 50-minute time frame.

The purpose of the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Praxis is to ensure applicants demonstrate that they understand each of the core subjects sufficiently to teach students in the elementary school grades. Each subtest is broken into different sections, covering relevant subject material such as Earth science, geometry, algebra and economics.

Social Studies Teachers

Social studies teachers who plan to work with students in grades 5-8 must take the Middle School Social Studies Praxis while those who want to qualify to teach social studies to students in grades 6-12 are expected to pass the Social Studies: Content Knowledge test.

The Social Studies: Content Knowledge test contains 130 selected-response questions while the Middle School Social Studies exam is comprised of 90 selected-response and 3 constructed-response essay questions. Both tests take 2 hours to complete and have sections that focus on U.S. history, world history, geography, government and economics.

One of the distinctions between these tests is that the Social Studies: Content Knowledge test also has a section on behavioral science while the Middle School Social Studies Praxis does not.

In order to pass these exams, the applicants must be capable of showing that they know about social studies subjects to instruct students at the chosen grade level.

Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers in Wyoming may be certified to teach one of the following specific subject areas:

American Sign Language as a Foreign Language Art Drama
Economics, Geography, Political Science and History Economics Elementary
Language Arts, Math and Science English Geography
Political Science History Language Arts
Reading Math Music
Middle School Science Science Speech

These Praxis tests have been constructed to evaluate the subject-area knowledge of individuals who have studied the subject at the college level. For example, the Art: Content Knowledge Praxis is typically taken by individuals who majored in art while pursuing a bachelor's degree or who completed an undergraduate degree in art education. Some of these Praxis tests can lead to certification to teach students in all grades from kindergarten through 12 while others specifically focus on instructing elementary school students or middle and high school students.

Test Preparation Materials

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