Pros & Cons of Homeschooling

Pro: Your Child, Your Lesson Plan

If there is ever a course topic you don't agree your child should learn, homeschooling fixes this by putting you in charge of the classroom. By becoming the teacher yourself, you are free to develop a lesson plan that does not conflict with the views of you and your family. This path also escapes the confines of the Common Core curriculum.

Con: Different Social Norms

Because your child will not be experiencing the socialization that comes with going to school, they will need to be exposed to other kids their age through different methods. Extra effort may be needed to get them involved in sports, theatre or other organizations that stimulate social growth and allow them to make friends.

Pro: Skip Tuition Costs

Outside of public schools, the cost of tuition continues to rise. In a Waldorf school in NY, for example, it would cost about $27,000 a year for three children to attend. Teaching your children at home eliminates the stress of impending bills and frees up your finances for use elsewhere, like proper studying materials and nutritious meals.

Con: Strict Requirements

While the state of New York does not have any licensing or certification requirements for homeschoolers, that is not the case in other states. For example, the state of Washington requires one of the following:

  • A parent must attend a qualifying course
  • A parent must have earned a total of forty-five quarter units of college credit
  • A school superintendent must approve the parent's decision
  • A certified instructor must meet with the student for one hour per week

Be sure to check with your state to see what constitutes eligibility for homeschooling programs.

Homeschooling with

Our site has a massive library of homeschool courses available for you and your child. Many of them are full of video lessons, and all of them contain self-assessment quizzes and exams. Even better, you can always contact our team of experts with questions. Explore some of the options below:






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