Reading Activities for Kids

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Use these fun activities to help your students focus on their reading skills. This article includes easy-to-follow instructions and some additional educational tips.

Need a Word

This activity helps students focus on closely reading a text.


  • Books


Before you begin this activity, develop a question that deals with a specific part of the book. Have your students look at the book and pick out words that they believe will help answer the question. Words should be discussed as a class to determine if they will really help, or if they are not actually helpful. Have students work until they have a good answer to the question composed of words that directly answer it.

Wheel of Questions

Use this activity to help students improve their reading comprehension.


  • Reading material
  • A spinner labeled with: who, where, when and what


You can construct a spinner for this activity by drawing a circle on cardboard or construction paper and making a space for each word. Poke an unfolded paper clip up through the center of your spinner and allow your students to spin it when the time comes.

Read a book together as a class to begin this activity. After you have finished, explain that you're going to ask questions about what happened in the book. Have a student use the spinner. You will then ask a question related to what the student landed on. For example, if your student landed on 'who,' you could ask who this story was about.

Continue until every child has answered a question about the book.

Read and Draw

This fun activity motivates students to work on reading so they can create a great picture.


  • Index cards
  • Paper
  • Art supplies


Begin by writing out directions for what your students should draw on the index cards. Depending on the age of your students, these directions can be simple or more complex. You can instruct them to draw pictures related to the season, other things you're learning about in class or simply something fun and silly.

Have your students pick cards at random and gather up their art supplies and paper. They should follow the directions to create the picture described on the card. You can hang up the finished pictures and the directions when all of your students are done and see who followed the instructions most closely!

Educational Tip:

You can develop additional classroom strategies to help your students improve their reading with the Teaching Strategies for Reading Skills course. This course provides information on developing reading comprehension and literacy through short, engaging video lessons that you can go over at your own pace.

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