Script Writing Prompts

Instructor: Nicky Davis
Script writing is essentially the art of telling a story, primarily through dialogue. Keep reading to find prompts that will spark your imagination and help you create original plotlines.

Prompts for Script Writing

The prompts below are designed for scriptwriters at any skill level and can be used time and again to inspire fresh dialogue and unique characters.


Go out into the world and see what snippets of conversation you overhear. Write down your two favorite moments of eavesdropping and use them as lines of dialogue in a new scene. Begin the scene with one of these lines and end with the other.

Don't You Know?

Create a scene between two characters, where one character believes they are both in on a secret and the other is completely oblivious. Alternately, write a scene where two characters know something and are trying to keep a third character from finding out.

Meeting by Coincidence

Imagine two characters who wouldn't normally interact with each other. Now place them in a situation where they unexpectedly cross paths. Perhaps they meet at a rest stop by the highway. Perhaps one calls the other by dialing a wrong number. What might they talk about? This same scenario can also be compelling with two characters who've been avoiding each other.

Last Chance

Sometimes people who think they'll never see each other again say things they wouldn't otherwise mention. Consider two characters on the last day of college or some other life event that will cause them to part ways. What will this final conversation be about? What needs to be resolved before it's over? Create the scene where this conversation takes place.

Revealed Identity

Begin with two characters who feel they know each other very well. Maybe they're relatives, significant others, or best friends. Give one of them a second life with a secret identity or wholly unexpected character trait. Create the scene in which they reveal themselves.

Dramatic Writing Resources

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