South Dakota State Standards for Science

Instructor: Shelby Golden
You'll be able to get information about South Dakota's science standards with this article. Find out how these standards are arranged and what students are expected to learn.

South Dakota's Science Standards

The state of South Dakota updated its science standards in 2015. These standards include core information regarding physical, life and earth science that students will study from kindergarten to 12th grade. They also cover science and engineering skills students will work to develop throughout their schooling. Additionally, students will work on understanding important crosscutting concepts that can be applied in different grades.

South Dakota's Elementary School Standards

Elementary school prepares students to develop a firm understanding of the sciences. Students can get extra study help with this online science for kids course.

Physical Science

Elementary schoolers in South Dakota will learn about the effects of pushes and pulls on motion, as well as patterns of motion. The connection between sound and vibration will be considered. Kids will also study the properties of matter and the ways that energy moves or is converted will be discussed. Furthermore, students will learn about waves. The conservation of matter is taught in these grades.

Life Science

Students will find out why living organisms require water and food. The ways that animals communicate and the internal and external parts of living organisms will be studied. Kids will have a chance to learn about the specific needs of plants, as well as the life cycles and reproduction of living creatures. The senses and how animals process information will be explored. The effects of changing habitats will be discussed, along with the movement of matter through ecosystems.

Earth and Space Science

Local weather, the uses of weather forecasting and the difference between weather and climate will be covered in these grades. Students will also focus on the way celestial objects move. In these grades, students will learn to use maps. They'll also study how wind and water can affect the Earth, as well as the interactions between Earth's systems. Students will explore stars and the rotation of the Earth.

South Dakota's Middle School Standards

Students in middle school can access these courses in physical, life and Earth science to review what they're learning in class.

Physical Science

Students will focus on the composition of matter and how substances can react to create different molecules. Forces such as gravity, electricity and magnetism will be covered, along with kinetic energy and the connection between chemical processes and the transfer of energy. The uses of waves will be studied.

Life Science

The relationship between cells, tissues and organs will be studied in these grades. Students will learn about photosynthesis. They'll also explore how different organisms living in the same ecosystem interact with one another. Ways that ecosystems change and the importance of biodiversity will be discussed. Students will explore the processes involved in reproduction, natural selection, artificial selection and the traits of living creatures that are associated with survival.

Earth and Space Science

In middle school, students will learn about Earth's place in the solar system, galaxy and universe. Theories related to the universe's formation and plate tectonics will be discussed. Additionally, students will focus on the importance of water in regards to weather and erosion. The relationship between humans and natural resources will be covered. Students will also learn to understand geological forces.

South Dakota's High School Standards

High schoolers will focus on more complicated scientific topics. They can get the help they need to master these concepts with these physical science, biology and Earth science courses for high school.

Physical Science

Students will learn about the substructure of atoms, different chemical reactions and how to use the periodic table. They'll study the important discoveries made by Newton and Coulomb, as well as the transfer of energy through fields. Furthermore, students will have the chance to focus on important ideas related to energy, as well as the behaviors of waves.

Life Science

High schoolers will build up their understanding of the role of DNA, cellular functions and how energy is processed by living creatures. They'll learn about the factors that impact ecosystems. Heredity, genetic variations and the way genes interact will also be covered. Students will study the evidence related to biological unity and common ancestry.

Earth and Space Science

The characteristics of stars will be discussed in these grades, in addition to the Big Bang Theory. Students will learn about the rock record and the dynamics of Earth. Information about Earth's global climate will be provided, along with the resources and human activities associated with South Dakota.

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