Spelling Activities for Kids

Instructor: Kimberly Elliott

Kimberly teaches college humanities and has a master's degree in humanities.

Learning to spell correctly is an important skill, usually mastered in the elementary and middle school grades. Daily spelling practice is essential to this endeavor, but it doesn't have to be boring. Read on to find ideas for activities that make spelling fun.

Spelling Puzzles

Write each word on an index card and cut between the letters to form a puzzle. Give each student one word puzzle. Allowing a specific amount of time, have your students reassemble their word puzzle in the correct letter order.

Letter Tiles

Have students work in pairs or small groups using small wooden or plastic letter tiles to spell their words. You can even add math practice to this activity if the letter tiles have point value. You can also use magnetic letters in this exercise, if tiles are not available.

Word Step

Take your class outside or to the gymnasium for some large muscle movement while they practice spelling. Using chalk if outside or large cardboard letters if inside, place the letters of the alphabet across the floor. As you call out the word, have one student at a time walk, hop, or skip from one letter to the next to spell the word.

Ransom Note

Have students look through old magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. As letters of their spelling words are found, have students cut them out and paste them on construction paper in the correct spelling order.

Go Fish!

Using cardstock, construct a deck of playing cards using the letters in the alphabet. You will need several of each letter and many of the more frequently used letters. Split your class into pairs and have them play Go Fish, trying to construct their spelling words.

Study.com Spelling Resources

Study.com offers multiple lessons that can help you come up with some more ideas for strategies and activities that promote spelling development. Each of these mobile-friendly lessons is accompanied by a quiz so that you can quickly assess your understanding of the material.