Spelling Games for Kids

Instructor: Kimberly Elliott

Kimberly teaches college humanities and has a master's degree in humanities.

Games can make even the most tedious activities seem fun. When playing games is coupled with learning, it is a win-win situation for all involved. Read on for ways to engage your students in practicing spelling.


What You'll Need:

  • Two cards per each spelling word


  • Write each spelling word on two cards, but leave out the vowels.
  • Place all of the cards, spelling word side down, on a table or large desk in a way that resembles a game board.
  • A student turns one card over, and then another one, trying to find the matching card.
  • If a student doesn't find a match, they get to try again if they can correctly name the missing vowels.
  • Students only get a point when they can make a match and complete the word.
  • The student with the most points when all pairs are gone wins.

Educational Resources:

Students can get help with spelling by exploring a lesson on spelling strategies and tips.

Invisible Man

What You'll Need:

  • A chalkboard or whiteboard
  • Chalk or dry-erase markers


  • Divide your class into two teams.
  • Draw two stick figures on the board and give them an equal number of body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, etc.).
  • Starting with Team 1, give the first player a spelling word, which they must say, spell, then say again.
  • If the word is spelled correctly, they get to erase one body part from their opponent's stick figure.
  • Play continues, alternating teams, until one team's stick figure is completely erased, or invisible.

Educational Resources:

Students can avoid making spelling errors by checking out a lesson on the most common spelling mistakes.

Snowman Builder

What You'll Need:

  • Paper cut-outs of snowman pieces


  • Have students work in pairs.
  • Student A will sketch dashes to represent letters for one spelling word at a time.
  • Student B will then guess a letter.
  • If the letter is found in the word, Student A will write it on the appropriate dash. If not, Student B receives a snowman part.
  • Play continues until the entire snowman has been built, at which time players switch roles.

Educational Resources:

You can further develop your students' spelling skills with a lesson on the spelling rules for doubling and dropping letters. The lesson on strategies for teaching spelling and word recognition can help guide classroom instruction.

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