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The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) is a professional member organization for more than 100,000 pathologists and laboratory professionals, students and residents. The organization's goals include advancing the field through education, certification and advocacy. ASCP offers an exam process for individuals interested in securing certifications for a variety of professions. Certification options include the medical laboratory scientist (MLS), technologist in microbiology (M) and medical laboratory technician (MLT).

Preparing for an ASCP exam can require significant time, money and effort. To help, has created three new scholarships for future technicians, technologists, scientists and specialists. Learn more about these scholarships by reviewing the information below.

Awards's ASCP Scholarships are available at three award levels. Each winner of an ASCP Scholarship will be notified by email or phone using the address or number provided on the application form. The name on each winner's application form will be printed on the scholarship award check. Applicants not selected for a scholarship will not be notified.

Award Amounts

First Prize: $500

Second Prize: $300

Third Prize: $200

Eligibility Requirements

Make sure you meet the following requirements before completing and submitting an ASCP Scholarship application form. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will not be considered for a scholarship award.

  • Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time the application is submitted.
  • Applicants must be planning on taking the ASCP by April 1, 2020.
  • Applicants must not be a previous ASCP Scholarship winner.

How to Apply for the ASCP Scholarship

To qualify to win one of these three ASCP Scholarships, eligible test takers must fill out and submit an online application form. Only one scholarship entry will be considered per applicant. Questions applicants are asked to respond to include the following:

  1. What are your goals for taking the ASCP?
  2. What are your professional goals for the future?
  3. How would winning a ASCP Scholarship help you?
  4. What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome while preparing for the ASCP?

ASCP Scholarship Deadline

Scholarship applications must be completed and submitted by April 1, 2020. Any applications submitted after this date will not qualify for eligibility.

Tips for Application Responses

Here are a few suggestions to consider when crafting your ASCP Scholarship application:

  • Be original: Through original responses on the application, you can showcase your unique perspective and avoid plagiarizing others' content.
  • Align responses with prompts: Carefully review each prompt on the application form to respond clearly and concisely to the questions asked.
  • Take your time: We recommend taking as much time as needed to respond after reviewing each prompt. This ensures your application is thorough and gives us a comprehensive understanding of your ideas and goals.

Terms and Conditions

Please view the Terms and Conditions here.

All application materials must be submitted through the online application form. No physical application materials will be accepted. All entry information in connection with this scholarship contest submitted to become the property of upon submission.

All applicants will be asked to provide their name and a photograph, which will be used only in the event the applicant wins one of the three prizes

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The American Society for Clinical Pathology provides credentials for medical laboratory professionals in many fields and specialties. Read on to learn more about ASCP credentialing exams and how an ASCP credential can enrich your laboratory career.

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