RICA Scholarship: Application Form & Information RICA Scholarship is proud to offer three scholarships to help teaching credential candidates prepare for the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA). There are two types of California teaching credential candidates that are required to take this test: elementary school educators who need a Multiple Subjects credential and those who need an Education Specialist credential as a requirement for teaching special education. The RICA Written Examination is a 4-hour exam comprised of 70 multiple-choice questions, four short responses, and one case study.

Preparing for this comprehensive exam is an important step for many on the pathway to becoming a teacher in the state of California. Since finding the time and money to prepare for this exam can be challenging, we're offering three scholarships to RICA test-takers to help. For more information on eligibility requirements, awards, and other important information, please see below.

RICA Scholarship Awards

To help prospective teachers prepare for the RICA Written Examination, is offering three separate levels of RICA scholarships. Applications are entered for a chance to win either a $500 first prize scholarship, $300 second prize scholarship, or $200 third prize scholarship. will notify selected scholarship winners after the submission deadline by email or phone, so please provide current contact information in the application form.

Award Amounts

  • First Prize: $500
  • Second Prize: $300
  • Third Prize: $200

Eligibility Requirements for the RICA Scholarship

Scholarships awards are determined by a scholarship committee that will review applications in part to ensure they meet certain eligibility requirements. To be eligible for one of the RICA scholarships, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Applicants must plan on taking the RICA by April 1, 2020.
  • Applicants must not be a previous RICA Scholarship winner.

Applicants that do not meet the above criteria will be considered ineligible for a scholarship award.

How to Apply

Eligible candidates may start the application process by filling out an RICA Scholarship Application Form. Each submission is considered for all three scholarships. There is no need to submit multiple scholarship applications and only one application per person will be considered.

To help our scholarship committee better understand your unique career and test prep goals, the RICA scholarship application contains a section of writing prompts. While completing this section of the scholarship application, you will have an opportunity to explain what makes you the ideal candidate for the scholarship.

Some writing prompts include:

  1. How would winning a RICA Scholarship help you?
  2. What are your professional goals for the future?
  3. What are your goals for taking the RICA?
  4. What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome while preparing for the RICA?

RICA Scholarship Deadline

Please submit your application through the RICA Scholarship Application Formno later than April 1, 2020. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applications submitted after April 1, 2020. However, if you have missed the deadline, we encourage you to check back for future RICA scholarship opportunities.

Tips for Application Responses

Curious about how to make your scholarship application stand out? Our best advice is to focus on what makes your test prep situation distinct. Think about how you might answer the following questions. If you received one of the RICA scholarships, how might it make a positive impact on your test preparation process in the short-term? Looking to the future, how would it make a positive impact on your teaching career in the long-term? While staying focused on the writing prompts, striving to give our scholarship committee insight into your unique situation will help your scholarship application shine.

Here are a few additional tips for filling out your scholarship application:

  • Clear and original writing: Make it easy for us to understand what makes your application unique. A great way to do this is to avoid plagiarizing or otherwise using the thoughts of others.
  • Focus on the prompt: There is a lot one could share related to goals, but the strongest responses are focused on the prompt.
  • Thoughtful responses: Take time with your responses. We want to see evidence that you've put time and thought into each prompt.

Terms and Conditions

Please view the Terms and Conditions here.

All application materials must be submitted through the online application form. No physical application materials will be accepted. All entry information in connection with this scholarship contest submitted to become the property of upon submission

All applicants will be asked to provide their name and a photograph, which will be used only in the event the applicant wins one of the three prizes.

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California offers educators and prospective educators two RICA assessment options. Read on for study and preparation tips to help you pass whichever RICA assessment you plan to take.

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