TACHS Test Cost

Cost for the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools

The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) is a mandatory exam for enrollment in Catholic high schools in and around New York City. The basic cost to register for this exam is $65. Please note that this is $65 per student, not household. If you have multiple children applying for a Catholic high school, you will have to pay that registration fee for each student.

This fee is due at the time of registration. It is preferred for registration to be completed online through the TACHS website, although you can also register by telephone at 1-866-618-2247. Regardless of whether you register online or by phone, you must pay using a credit or debit card.

What's Included in the Registration Fee

The $65 registration fee per student covers the registration and initial costs of preparing for the exam. First, the fee completes the registration process. Once registration has been completed, you will receive a seven-digit confirmation number on the screen, and again by email. This is your child's TACHS ID number, which will be necessary for them to have in order to take the test. If you haven't received this confirmation number, then your registration is not complete. This may indicate that your payment was not processed successfully, or some other error. Call the TACHS registration helpline in order to ensure that your child is successfully registered.

If you have received the confirmation number, then you should expect to receive an Admit Card in the mail. This card will confirm the testing date and location. Your student must have this card with them in order to be granted admission into the testing site, so don't lose this. The other thing you will have to do with this card is to fill out the section for schools that your student is applying to. There are spaces for three schools on the Admit Card. Write in the names of these schools and the school codes provided in the TACHS handbook (available online). Your student's test scores will be automatically sent to these schools.

That $65 registration fee covers automatic reporting of scores to up to three schools. Since you only get to send scores to three schools under that fee, it is important to be smart about which schools you select. Please note that writing down the code for the same school three times will not increase your student's chance of getting into that school. Ensure that your child meets all of the minimum eligibility requirements for that school before sending them test scores.

Finally, with your $65 registration fee, you will receive a copy of the TACHS student handbook with more information about the exam.

Costs Associated with Test Preparation

The TACHS student handbook that you will receive contains information on what the exam will cover and provides several practice questions to help your student prepare.

However, many parents supplement their student's studying with private tutors, TACHS study guides and prep books, or prep classes. Each of these will have individual costs associated with them. Many TACHS exam prep books that contain practice questions and tips can be found for under $20. On the other hand, test prep courses that offer more individualized tutoring can range from the hundreds to over $1000. Some of these are offered through Catholic high schools in New York, possibly even including the one that your student wants to attend. You will have to decide which of these options, if any, are best for your student and your family.

In addition, there are many resources that your student can access through Study.com. One great place to start might be the TACHS Information Guide, which contains links to articles, study guides, flashcards, and other information about the TACHS exam. You can also consider checking out the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS): Practice & Study Guide, which contains 47 chapters of articles and lessons on the materials tested by the TACHS exam, as well as flashcards and practice questions.

Getting a satisfactory score on the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) is a prerequisite for admission to any Catholic high school within the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens or the Archdiocese of New York. Figuring out the best resource to prepare for this important test can be tough, which is why we've compared several TACHS prep resources to help you choose the best resource for your needs.

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