TACHS Test Day Preparation


Steps to Take in Advance of TACHS Test Day

There is much to do to in preparation for the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS), which is typically administered in early November to eighth graders in New York.


You can register for the TACHS online or by phone and must do so between the registration period, typically August-October. The registration fee is $65, which must be paid at the time of sign up. During registration, you will select a test site and date.

If your student needs extended time on the test based on a documented disability, pay close attention to the deadline for submitting the necessary forms, which is typically in early October.

Fill Out the Admit Card

After registration, you'll receive an Admit Card from your student's school or in the mail. On this card, you should record the three schools you'd like to receive TACHS scores. The form also requires the signature of a parent or guardian. Since three schools are the maximum allowed, do your homework and choose carefully. Consider attending high school information fairs or speaking with admissions staff to ensure your selections fit your needs. Be sure to keep this Admit Card handy because your student will need to bring it with them on test day.

Be Aware of Testing Center Requirements

Arrive to the test site no later than 8:15 A.M. Electronic devices, such as cell phones and calculators, are prohibited. Consider leaving these items at home to avoid any problems on test day. Additionally, food and beverages are not permitted.

Get to Know the TACHS Content Breakdown

The TACHS includes these four sections:

  • Reading: The reading section includes high-level questions that require critical analysis, detailed interpretation, and thorough comprehension of literature and informational texts.
  • Written Expression: The written expression section assesses students' knowledge of standard English. Their ability to identify errors and evaluate sentence structure and clarity are measured in this section.
  • Mathematics: The mathematics section questions address everything from basic operations to statistics, algebra, and geometry.
  • Ability: The ability section assesses reasoning and logical problem-solving skills, as well as students' grasp of spatial and figural concepts.

Build Your Skills

After following the registration procedures and researching schools of interest, you'll be more than ready to move into the study portion of test preparation. Utilizing Study.com resources, you can help your student follow a comprehensive path to success or simply brush up on a few skills.

Students may want to begin their studies by completing the sample questions in the TACHS Handbook provided on the www.tachsinfo.com website. Based on the results, they can focus their studies on the specific skills that they need to brush up on.

Additionally, this Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS): Practice & Study Guide provides comprehensive practice tests, as well as video lessons and other helpful resources. Explore specific chapters based on students' pre-test results or walk through the entire course step-by-step. The course is user-friendly and tracks student progress to help them maneuver through the different lessons and ensure they cover all the bases.

Use this How to Improve Study Skills resource to help craft a study strategy and make the most of students' time.

Tackle Test Anxiety

Facing a big test can be overwhelming. Although some nervousness is to be expected, consider reviewing this Overcoming Test Anxiety: Steps & Strategies lesson with your student. Armed with comprehensive information and helpful resources, adequately preparing for the TACHS can help them tackle the test-day jitters.

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Getting a satisfactory score on the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) is a prerequisite for admission to any Catholic high school within the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens or the Archdiocese of New York. Figuring out the best resource to prepare for this important test can be tough, which is why we've compared several TACHS prep resources to help you choose the best resource for your needs.

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