TASC: Test Cost

TASC Testing Fees

The Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) officially prices the TASC test battery at $52.00, or $10.40 per subtest. However, ''actual'' pricing for the TASC test will vary from state to state due to testing center fees. Generally speaking, you will have the option of paying for each subtest individually or for the entire battery (all five subtests at once), and your fees will include two free retakes per subtest in most states.

Check out the following chart to see how much the TASC costs per state (data not available yet for California, Mississippi or West Virginia):

State Full Battery Price Subtest Price
Colorado $141.50 $28.30
Illinois $94.00 $18.80
Indiana $90.00 $18.00
Michigan $124.00 $24.80
Nevada $79.00 $15.80
New Jersey $102.00 $20.40
New York Free Free
North Carolina $54.00 $10.80
Ohio $92.00 $18.40
Oklahoma $101.50 $18.30
South Carolina $124.00 $24.80
Texas $124.00 $24.80

Payment Information

Your state will likely have a dedicated page on the TASC website where you can register for and schedule an appointment at a testing center. While the exact registration process differs from state to state, you'll most likely pay for your TASC during registration, right after you schedule your tests. These payments are made online, with a credit/debit card or with a gift card. You can check the information provided for your state on the TASC official website at tasctest.com to get specifics on test costs and registration process.

Scoring and Retake Fees

The TASC full battery includes free scoring and reporting. Most states will also include two free content area retakes (valid within one year of taking your first TASC subtest). However, Colorado and Michigan offer two retakes per subtest at the following discounted rates:

State Retake Price (per subtest)
Colorado $17.50
Michigan $8.00

Also note that state and testing center fees may still apply to your free retakes. For example, if you need to use one of your free subject test retakes in South Carolina, DRC will cover the cost of the TASC itself, but you will still have to pay $14 in additional state and testing center fees.

TASC Diploma Costs

Most states will mail your first high school equivalency diploma and a transcript free of charge. You can use a service like Diploma Sender (at www.diplomasender.com) to receive official duplicates of your diploma if needed, though any additional costs for this service will vary from state to state.

Getting Ready to Test

Study.com is here to help you prepare for TASC success! These online TASC study guides are designed by experts to cover everything you'll encounter in each content area. Each one includes its own practice and prep course for a comprehensive review that you can complete on your own time, any time. Additionally, the video lessons entertain as they teach, while the bite-sized lesson quizzes keep you practicing as you go along. Courses are available for the following subject areas:

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