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Get Ready For TASC Day

Because the TASC is administered at the state level, each state offering the TASC may have slightly different procedures for things like required identification, accommodations and so on. As you prepare to take the TASC, be sure to double check the rules and regulations that apply to your state. In any case, here are some general tips to help you make sure you're totally geared up to take the TASC.

Confirm Your Test Time and Location

Chances are, you'll be taking your TASC at a familiar place, like a community college or military base. If you are not familiar with your testing location, it might be a good idea to confirm that you have the right address before test day. If you have time, you may even want to try a practice commute to the building to get a good idea of the route you need to take and any potential traffic issues. This will help ensure that you arrive at the testing center on time and ready to go, with no surprises.

Prepare Your Required ID

Again, your exact ID requirements may vary slightly from state to state, so be sure to check that your identification is current and that it conforms to your state's requests. Generally, your ID will need to include:

  • A photograph
  • A full name that exactly matches the name you used to register for the test
  • An address
  • A date of birth
  • A signature

This can include documents like a driver's license or learner's permit, a state-issued ID, a military ID, a passport, and any other type of official government-issued ID (domestic or international). In some states, your ID must show some proof of state residency. If your ID does not show proof of residency, you must also bring a document that proves that you live in the state. This could be a tax or bank statement, an insurance policy, a utility bill, a jury duty notice or other official state mail.

States that require proof of residency: Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas

States that do not require proof of residency: Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina

Make sure you bring your ID with you to the testing center. If you forget it, or if it is invalid or expired, you may not be allowed to test.

Get a Calculator

The TASC recommends that you use a Texas Instrument Model TI-30XS on the Mathematics subtest. If you would prefer to use a different scientific calculator, you should make sure it has logarithmic and trigonometry functions. Graphing calculators are not allowed when taking the TASC.

The official TASC website also maintains a list of acceptable alternatives, as well as a reference sheet for the TI-30XS. If you are still unsure whether your calculator would be permitted, check with your testing center beforehand; they may even have calculators that you can borrow for the test.

Get to Know Your Test Center's Policies

Your test center may have certain rules and regulations regarding what you will be allowed to bring into the test with you. You will most likely be asked to leave things like your mobile device or handbag in a locker or at home. Other things, like spare pencils/erasers and scratch paper, will be provided by the testing center. Medical devices, such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, support braces, inhalers, insulin pumps, wheelchairs and service animals are also permitted, no formal approval required.

Most visual or comfort aids are permitted by the TASC and require no special approval. However, you will need to give prior notification to use the following:

TASC-Approved Testing Aids
Alternative English or Spanish test formats (Braille, Large Print)
Directions in ASL (on DVD)
Magnifying glass (Paper version)
Additional lighting
Earplugs (CBT version)

On Test Day

Make sure you're feeling ready to go when you head into the test center. The TASC can be long, especially if you are taking multiple subtests at once. Get a good night's sleep and make sure you have a complete breakfast before you take the test. Above all, try to relax and stay cool! Preparing everything beforehand means less stress for you, allowing you to focus on doing your best.

Review TASC Test Materials

While gearing up for TASC success, it's also important that you get a great review of the test. Practice and prepare on your own schedule with Study.com's TASC courses. You'll have fun working through our video lessons and quizzes as you cover all of the content you'll need to know to pass:

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