TASC Test Score Information


TASC Scoring Breakdown

The TASC consists of five subject-based subtests that are taken and scored individually. These five subtests are Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing and Social Studies; the Writing subtest includes an essay that is also scored separately.

While each subtest has its own score, you must earn a passing score on each test to pass the TASC and get a high school equivalency. If you earn an especially high score in Mathematics, Reading or Writing, you will receive a Distinguished Achievement notation for that score. Be advised that passing the TASC test awards high school equivalency in states that recognize this test, but it is not the same as earning a high school diploma.

Subject Passing Score Distinguished Achievement
Mathematics 500 560
Science 500 -
Reading 500 580
Writing 500 560
Writing Essay 2 6
Social Studies 500 -
Cumulative 2500 -

Note: Even if your cumulative total is 2500 or better, you must still earn a passing score in every subtest to pass the TASC. The maximum score in each subtest is 800, and 8 for the Writing essay.

Receiving Your Scores

The amount of time before your scores become available varies from state to state, and it also depends on whether you took the online (computer) version or the paper version. Generally, you will be able to access your score report through your state's TASC portal within 2 to 3 days if you took the computer version, or 10 to 14 days if you took the paper version. If you took the computer version, you can also see how you did on most sections of the test right after you finish.

If you have passed all five sections of the TASC, congratulations: You have officially earned your high school equivalency!

If you need to take a subtest again, it's okay. Just keep trying until you pass! However, be aware that different states have different policies on taking and retaking subtests. For example, in Indiana, you must take the entire battery (all five subtests) before retaking any subtests. Meanwhile, North Carolina will allow you to keep retesting a specific subject until you pass, without having to complete the entire battery first. Your state may also have time limits during which you must attempt each subtest, so be sure to check your state's rules carefully when planning your test schedule.

Prepare For Success!

Earning your high school equivalency is a great step towards a bright future. However, the road ahead is challenging, and you'll have to work hard to complete the journey. At Study.com, our TASC study resources include Practice & Prep Courses that provide the resources you need in a flexible and fun format. Work at your own pace and review all the material you'll encounter on each subtest through quick video lessons, quizzes and flashcards.

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