TEAS Test Accommodations

Accommodations for the TEAS Exam

In some situations, individuals may be eligible to have changes made to the TEAS test or the testing process. These testing adjustments, also known as accommodations, must be pre-approved by a college's disability services office or by PSI testing centers.

Who Qualifies for Accommodations

Accommodations are generally reserved for people who have been diagnosed with a disability or would otherwise have difficulties taking a test. For example, a person who has motor skills issues may qualify to use a trackball mouse during the examination. Another person who has a medical condition may be eligible to receive additional testing time.

There are a number of factors that may justify a request for testing adjustments. There is no guarantee that any person who applies for adjustments will receive them. Each request is reviewed and approved or denied based on an individual's merits. This means that two people who have the same diagnosis may receive different accommodations based on their specific needs.

Individuals who are considering applying for accommodations should review the application requirements to determine if they have grounds for accommodations.

What Types of Adjustments Are Offered

There are a number of ways that testing can be adjusted. Examples of possible accommodations individuals could receive include:

  • Getting extra time to take the test
  • Receiving extra breaks
  • Having someone read the test to them
  • Being provided a test with large print

It is important to note that because accommodations are largely based on the recommendations of medical professionals, there is no set list of adjustments offered.

Applying for Accommodations at PSI Testing Centers

Step 1: Locate the Application Form

The PSI Exams website has a candidate information bulletin for the TEAS test. This bulletin contains the accommodations application form.

Step 2: Get Supporting Documentation

Individuals who are applying for TEAS testing accommodations must provide supporting documentation to justify their requests. The requirements for this documentation are outlined at the top of the accommodations application form. Typically, an individual supplies a letter from a medical or educational professional who has the qualifications needed to diagnose his or her condition. The documentation must include the professional's signature and contain a declaration of the person's diagnosis and the manner in which the professional recommends the testing process be altered. Contact information for the professional providing the documentation is also required.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

Individuals are required to provide personal information, such as their name, address and testing ID number. They must also declare what type of accommodations they are applying for.

A fax number is provided on the accommodations application form. Individuals can also send their application and supporting documentation by email.

Applying for Accommodations at Colleges

Many colleges host TEAS tests, and they follow their own guidelines for approving accommodations. The steps involved in this process can vary from college to college. For example, some colleges automatically grant testing adjustments to students who have previously been approved for accommodations while completing studies at any college in the school district. These individuals simply present an accommodations form or letter from their disability services office when setting up their test date.

Individuals who have not been approved for accommodations by their disability services office and are planning to take the TEAS test may be required to complete an application. This process might require applicants to produce supporting documentation from medical professionals. Since the steps involved in pursuing accommodations at different colleges can vary, it is important to review the specific application process at the college conducting your TEAS test.

Scheduling the TEAS with Accommodations

TEAS accommodation applications for PSI centers are typically reviewed within four days. Individuals will learn of the decision by email. If an application is approved, test-takers will be given instructions for how to proceed. They will also be contacted by phone so that they can schedule their TEAS test.

TEAS accommodation applications for colleges may have varying processing times, notification methods and scheduling procedures. It is important to check with the college that is hosting your TEAS test to confirm its accommodation scheduling process.

TEAS Test Resources

Even if you may qualify for test accommodations, it is still important to study for the TEAS test. There are good study materials, such as the study guide linked to here, that were developed to help individuals review the information covered on the four subtests that make up the TEAS exam. The 204 lessons that are part of this study guide can be accessed online and worked through at your own pace.

What is the TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills, or TEAS, is an entrance exam offered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). Keep reading to find out more about this important exam and how you can prepare for it.

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