Texas Real Estate Licensing & Continuing Education


How to Earn and Maintain a Real Estate License in Texas

While specific requirements vary by the type of real estate license, all aspiring Texas real estate professionals must take pre-licensing education courses from a state-approved educational provider and pass an exam. To maintain their licenses, real estate agents and brokers have to meet minimum continuing education requirements.

Pre-Licensing Requirements for Texas Real Estate Agents

Along with meeting the pre-licensure education and exam requirements described below, real estate agents in Texas must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Legal residents of Texas
  • U.S. citizens or legal aliens

Pre-Licensure Education

To be eligible to take the real estate agent exam in Texas, an applicant must first complete 180 hours of coursework from a state-approved educational provider. Required courses are:

Course Classroom Hours
Principles of Real Estate I 30
Principles of Real Estate II 30
Laws of Agency 30
Laws of Contracts 30
Real Estate Finance 30
Promulgated Contracts Forms 30

Sales Agent Exam

After completing coursework and filing an application, you will need to take an exam. The exam comprises two sections: national and state. If you hold an out-of-state license and have already passed the national section, you may only need to take the state portion of the exam. A full description of the exam's content may be downloaded from the website of Pearson VUE (pearsonvue.com), which administers the test.

Exam Section Number of Questions Minutes Allotted
National 85 150
State 40 90
Total 125 240

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Pre-Licensing Requirements for Texas Real Estate Brokers

To be eligible to apply for a broker's license, an applicant must either have been an actively licensed Texas real estate agent during four of the previous 5 years or have held an active out-of-state license for four of the previous 5 years and file appropriate paperwork reporting qualifying experience. Having met these requirements, an aspiring broker must complete coursework and pass an exam.

Pre-Licensure Coursework Requirements

Applicants for Texas real estate broker licenses must complete 270 hours of approved pre-license coursework. This must include these mandatory courses:

Course Classroom Hours
Principles of Real Estate 60
Laws of Agency 30
Laws of Contracts 30
Real Estate Finance 30
Promulgated Contracts Forms 30
Real Estate Brokerage 30 (completed no more than 24 months before applying)

If you do not hold a bachelor's degree (or higher), you will also need to take an additional 630 hours of related courses.

Broker Exam

Similar to real estate agent applicants, broker applicants must take a two-section real estate exam, covering national and state laws and regulations. Those who are licensed out of state may be exempt from the national section of the exam. Check the candidate handbook, which may be downloaded from the Pearson VUE website, for additional information.

Exam Section Number of Questions Minutes Allotted
National 85 150
State 50 90
Total 135 240

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Continuing Education Requirements for Agents and Brokers

Licensed brokers and agents must take 18 hours of approved continuing education coursework for each license term. This must include two 4-hour legal update courses. Any broker responsible for supervising sponsored sales agents must take an additional six-hour course covering broker responsibilities. All continuing education courses must be approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. For more information and a list of approved educational providers, visit the Texas Real Estate Commission's website (trec.state.tx.us)

Real estate exams can be difficult to pass, but with proper preparation, you'll be on your way to passing and earning your real estate license. Read on to learn about the four exam-prep steps you should take in order to ace your test.

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