TExES Exams & Certification Areas

TExES Tests for Educator Certification

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) are used to determine if applicants for teacher certification in the state of Texas have demonstrated the adequate skills and knowledge needed to qualify. There are also TExES tests designed to evaluate prospective school principals and counselors. Passing the appropriate subject area or grade level TExES is mandatory. These tests are primarily administered by computer.

Subject Area Tests

Individuals will be required to take different TExES tests, depending on which subjects they wish to teach. For example, there are tests designed to evaluate prospective middle and high school English language arts teachers, science teachers and mathematics teachers as well as those who wish to teach subjects such as art, music and physical education to students in all grade levels.

Grade Level and Special Focus TExES Tests

TExES tests are also designed to ensure that teacher certification applicants demonstrate the knowledge needed to effectively instruct students at different grade levels or students who have special needs. For example, educators who wish to work with students with special needs will be required to pass the special education TExES test. There are also tests designed to evaluate individuals preparing to teach multiple subjects to students in early childhood classes through grade 6 and students in grades 4 through 8.

TExES Exam Study Guides & Practice Exams

The following is a complete list of TExES exams along with links to test study guides when available. These resources have been customized to cover the exact content of each TExES test. Individuals can work through the review information at their convenience, and courses typically contain hundreds of video lessons that can be accessed online via smart phones or computers.

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