TExES Retake Policy

Retaking the TExES

The Texas Education Agency does allow candidates to take TExES exams more than once, so long as students adhere to its retake policy. This policy encompasses Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities tests and all subject area exams.

Wait Period

Candidates who wish to retake any of the TExES exams will need to wait 45 days after each attempt before registering again. Any attempt to get around this limit may lead to the invalidation of your scores.

While you must wait at least 45 days, you are not required to retake the exam by a certain date. You may wait as long as you please, although it's a good idea to register as soon as possible while the information is still fresh in your memory.

Retake Limit

Candidates may sit for certification exams a maximum of five times. This includes the original session, so candidates are granted four opportunities to retake the TExES tests.

This retake limit is new as of 2016. Students who have retaken the exam prior to September 1, 2015 will have all testing sessions counted as one attempt.

If you have taken the exam five times and still not passed, you will not be allowed any further retakes unless the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) agrees to waive this limitation.

Testing Approvals

Students involved in an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) may want to check with their school before registering for a retake. Some EPPs require new testing approvals before each retest, which could entail completing a school-mandated study plan or remedial courses if you've put off your retakes for a significant amount of time.

Additional Considerations

Some TExES tests have unique structures, and the retake policy affects them differently.

Students who fail one of the Braille exams have the option to retake it at any future offering, since these are paper-based tests that are typically offered only once a year.

Students taking one of the Core Subject tests for the first time must sit for all of the subtests at once. Retakes for individual subtests are permitted 45 days after this point, though students should be aware that each retake counts toward the five-attempt maximum, regardless of how many subtests they sit for at a time. If students have failed two or more subtests, some schools recommend that students sign up to retake the entire test again and skip over the part they've already passed.


Each retake is considered a new test session for registration purposes, and candidates will need to pay the test fee for each and every retake.

How to Improve Your Scores

The goal of a retake is to improve upon your original score, but this will not happen if you're not willing to put in a healthy amount of hard work.

If you need help getting ready for the exam, check out these TExES practice and review guides. These self-paced courses provide a detailed review of exam content and could prove to be extremely useful to students preparing for a retake, since they allow students to focus on whichever area they need the most help with. Listed below are just some of the subjects available:

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