TExES Test Dates

TExES Exam Dates

For the 2017-2018 testing year, TExES offers some exams on a continuous basis and others on specific dates. Let's take a look at exam dates for the computer-administered (CAT) continuous and limited-administration exams, as well as the Braille exam, which is paper-based (PBT).

Continuous CAT Exam Dates

Most TExES tests are computer-based and offered year round, enabling you to schedule an exam on the date you desire. Exams offered on a revolving basis include:

  • Core subjects EC-6
  • English language arts and reading 4-8
  • Math 7-12
  • Science 7-12
  • Special education EC-12

You can sign up for this type of test up to two days ahead of your desired testing appointment, provided space is available.

Limited-Administration CAT Exam Dates

Some computer-based TExES exams are only available within a limited window of administration. Examples of these tests include:

  • Marketing 6-12
  • Dance 6-12
  • Business and finance 6-12
  • Chemistry 7-12
  • Journalism 7-12
  • Art EC-12
  • Health science 6-12

Most of these exams offer nine testing windows for the 2017-2018 testing year. These windows are generally from Wednesday to Saturday in the months of October, December, February, March, April, May, June, July, and August. Registration deadlines for these tests are about two days prior to the beginning of a testing window.

Many language exams, however, test for about a week and offer three or seven testing windows that can fall in September, November, January, February, April, June, and July. You'll need to sign up for this type of exam at least two weeks prior to when the testing window starts.

Braille PBT Exam Date

The TExES Braille Exam is offered only twice annually. For the 2017-2018 year, this paper-based exam is available in September 2017 and June 2018. Typically, registration closes one month before the day of the exam, but late and emergency registration deadlines are also available within a couple of weeks of the exam.

Registering for a TExES Test

In order to register for a TExES exam, you are required to use the ETS (Educational Testing Service) online registration system. If this is your first time registering, you will need to create an ETS account (this is in addition to your Texas Education Agency account). When creating this account, be prepared to provide your TEA ID number, first and last name, and date of birth.

During the registration process, it is important to enter your name so that it matches the IDs you plan on presenting at your testing appointment. After completing your registration, you will have the ability to print your admission ticket and make any changes to your registration, if needed.

The ETS online registration system is available at any time.

Finding a TExES Testing Center

While registering for a TExES exam, you will be asked to choose a testing center. Exams are offered throughout Texas in over a dozen regions. To find a testing center in your area prior to registration, be sure to review the testing center lists for CAT exams and PBT exams at cms.texes-ets.org.

Once you've selected your testing center during registration and completed the process, the testing center name and address will print on your admission ticket.

Note: Testing center locations are not guaranteed and could change due to scheduling conflicts. If changes are necessary, attempts will be made on your behalf to locate another testing center in the general area of your original selection.

Preparing for a TExES Test

Study.com offers a variety of online resources to help you prepare for your exams. Our TExES Study Guide courses use quick and fun video lessons to help you review key concepts and topics you'll need to know about to answer exam questions. You'll also find self-assessment quizzes and practice tests that can prepare you for computer-based testing and verify your knowledge before you take the exam. Listed below is just a sampling of the more than 40 study guides available for aspiring teachers in Texas:

To see our complete list of TExES Study Guides, click here!

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