TExES Test Scores


Test Score Info for the TExES Exams

Your test score is based on the number of correct responses you have given on all sections of the exam, regardless of whether or not you finished in time. Because you aren't penalized for incorrect answers, you should be sure to answer as many questions as possible.

The TExES exams each have a few questions that do not count towards the score; these experimental questions are in a trial process and are used for the collection of data for future tests.

TExES Scoring Ranges

The TExES exams are given a scaled value of 100-300 after they are scored. A score of 240 or above is considered a passing score. Some TExES exams, such as the BTLPT Spanish and LOTE French, German and Spanish tests, may have additional scoring criteria that can be found on the official TExES website.

Getting Your Scores

To see your scores and find out if you passed your exam, you'll need to access the Pearson account you set up during the registration process. This is the only place your scoring info will be available.

TExES Exam Preparation

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