The Best Free CLEP Test Prep

The Best Free CLEP Prep Materials

We know that studying for the CLEP exams can be tiring, time consuming, and expensive. That's why we've compiled this list of some of the best free prep resources for the CLEP exams. From content review to practice tests, in our opinion these resources are the most cost effective ways to study for your CLEP exams and pass.

Our top recommendations? Modern States and Modern States offers comprehensive courses endorsed by the college board to help you increase your mastery of the material covered on each exam, completely free! offers free practice tests and diagnostics, and a robust package of comprehensive video courses, practice tests, and study resources for a price that won't break the bank!

That said, all of the sites below offer high quality free CLEP prep resources that are certainly worth a look!

The College Board

Providers of the CLEP exams, the College Board provides a small number of free practice questions on their website for each individual subject exam. They provide a detailed breakdown of the format for each test, including percentages for sections and exactly what material is covered. The College Board also provides links to more in-depth prep material that you can purchase through their site.

Modern States Education Alliance

The Modern States Education Alliance offers free college level online courses through its 'Freshman Year Free' initiative. These video courses are built to align with 31 of the College Board's CLEP exams, offering a full content overview of what will be covered on the actual exams. The courses are supported by supplementary texts and practice questions. All Modern States CLEP courses are officially endorsed by the College Board. is run by somebody who has taken the CLEP Exams in the past and wants to share their knowledge and experiences. Along with detailed guides letting you know what topics to cover, the site owner ranks each of the exams according to their difficulty and provides the amount of college credit you could receive if you pass the exam. The site also offers free practice exams for some of the tests; to access these you need to create a free account.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy doesn't offer specific courses or practice tests for CLEP preparation, however it can be a useful resource when studying. Khan Academy's free courses can help you fill any knowledge gaps that you've identified by taking a practice test for your exam elsewhere.

Crash Course (YouTube Channel)

Like Khan Academy, Crash Course is not designed specifically for CLEP preparation, however their informational videos can be useful in brushing up on any material you may need help with. They have fun videos covering topics in history, English, mathematics, science, and more: all available for free on YouTube.

Community Resources

There are several online communities where people share their favorite CLEP preparation strategies and resources, as well as their individual test-taking experiences:

  • This subreddit has great discussions about CLEP experiences as well as an impressive collection of free study resources.
  • DegreeForum is a vibrant community of college credit-seekers where members discuss CLEP as well as other alternative credit options.
  • Online flashcard tool Quizlet has hundreds of user-submitted flashcards to help you study for your CLEP exam.

In addition to a library of complete study guides for 31 CLEP exams, offers free 15-question practice tests for each course. No sign up is required to take these practice tests, and upon completion users are given a diagnostic analysis of their results, letting them know where they are strong and where they could use a bit more practice. Test-takers can also sign up for a membership to gain access to full courses covering all of the test materials, as well as hundreds of additional practice questions and full length practice tests. All of our resources have been specifically designed to cover the material you will find on your CLEP exams. Additionally, you will receive in-depth diagnostics of your performance to focus your studies where you need the most work, as well as access to our proprietary Study Trainer tool to help you plan your study schedule and keep you accountable.

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How to Pass a CLEP Test

By taking College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, you can earn college credit for a fraction of what it costs to take courses. Read on to learn about CLEP test-taking strategies and test-prep resources so you are prepared to ace your tests and save money on your way to a college degree.

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