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What Is the Praxis Exam?

The Praxis is a suite of exams that many states use as part of the teacher certification process. There are 3 main types of Praxis exams, the Praxis Core, Praxis Subject Assessments, and the Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) exams. All of these exams are computer-delivered tests. The Praxis Core is commonly used to enter teacher preparation programs and test candidates' knowledge of basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The Praxis Subject Assessments cover subject-specific skills and knowledge and include the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exams that measure pedagogical knowledge across grade level ranges. Some examples of Praxis Subject Assessments include those in art, elementary education, mathematics, Spanish, economics, health education, journalism, audiology, and more. Finally, the Praxis CKT exams test aspiring elementary teachers' understanding of subject matter and their ability to apply it to the classroom. Here, we will discuss study guides for various Praxis exams in more detail.

Free Praxis Study Guide

There are many different resources available to Praxis test-takers for free that are designed to help prepare them for test day. Many of these resources are available in online formats for convenience. Test-takers can find them on websites, including the ETS website, the Praxis test provider. These websites typically provide test-takers with a detailed Praxis exam study guide for their chosen test, which explains the format and content of the exam. For example, there is a Praxis Core Study Companion on the ETS website for each area of the Praxis Core exam (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing) that explains the number of questions, types of questions, and content categories for each section.

In addition to these study guides, test-takers can review material and study for the Praxis using a Praxis study app. Some of these apps, such as the Praxis Test Prep app from, are available for free. Candidates can take courses, watch video lessons, answer sample questions, and more using these apps. Below, we will examine the study guide resources available for the Praxis Core further.

Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading- Study Companion

A Praxis Core Study Companion is available for each section of the Praxis Core, Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. This study companion serves as a Praxis exam study guide that details the following:

  • Format of the exam
  • Types of questions
  • Test-taking strategy
  • Way to develop a study plan
  • Study topics
  • Testing accommodations
  • Test day tips
  • Scoring of the exam

Therefore, this study companion gives test-takers an idea of what will be on the exam, ways to study the material, and strategies for taking the exam. This helps candidates evaluate their understanding of the material and identify challenging areas to better plan their study schedule.

Specifically, the Praxis Core Reading section has 56 selected-response questions that testers must answer in 85 minutes. These questions are based on reading passages and statements and cover topics in 3 content categories, Key Ideas and Details (35% of the exam); Craft, Structure, and Language Skills (30% of the exam); and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (35% of the exam).

Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics- Study Companion

A Praxis Core Study Companion for the Mathematics section also serves as a Praxis exam study guide with information about the format and content of the exam. Test-takers can use the study companion to learn about the exam's time limit, find out the number of questions, develop study strategies, practice sample questions, and more. This study guide also includes:

  • An example of a study plan
  • Explanations of correct answers to sample questions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Calculator information

Candidates should plan on using this study guide to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses with the mathematics content and understand what the computer-delivered exam will look like on test day.

The Praxis Core Mathematics section contains 56 questions that must be answered in 90 minutes. Questions are:

  • Numeric entry questions
  • Single answer selected-response questions
  • Selected-response questions where testers select one or more answers

Test-takers will have access to an on-screen calculator. Questions on the exam fall within 3 content categories: Number and Quantity (36% of the exam); Data Interpretation and Representation, Statistics, and Probability (32% of the exam); and Algebra and Geometry (32% of the exam).

Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing- Study Companion

The Praxis Core Study Companion for the Writing section contains many of the same features as the Reading and Mathematics Praxis exam study guides, such as format and content information, study tips, and an example study plan, but also addresses the unique aspects of the exam. For example, the Praxis Core Writing exam contains some constructed-response (essay) questions. Therefore, the study guide includes some information about the types of essays test-takers will need to write (an Argumentative essay and an Informative/Explanatory essay), tips for writing the essays, and how the essays are scored (on a scale from 1 to 6, with 6 being high).

The Praxis Core Writing exam has 40 selected-response questions and 2 essay questions. Test-takers have 100 minutes to complete the exam; this is divided into 40 minutes for the selected-response section and two 30-minute sections for the essay questions. Questions will fall into the 2 content categories: Text Types, Purposes, and Production (60% of the exam) and Language and Research Skills for Writing (40% of the exam).

How to Find Praxis Study Guides for Free

While the ETS provides Praxis Core Study Companions, several other online sources offer various Praxis exam study guides for free. Praxis exam study guides may be available for the Praxis Core and other types of Praxis exams. Some of these sites may also offer additional resources for free, such as a Praxis study app or practice tests. Typically, test-takers can find these sites by using a search engine and searching keywords such as ''free Praxis study guide.'' While not an exhaustive list, test-takers can begin their free Praxis study guide search with sites such as:


Best Praxis 2 Study Guide

A free Praxis exam study guide is also available for each Praxis 2, or Praxis Subject Assessment, exam on the ETS website. In addition to the test provider, several different websites offer free Praxis exam study guides for various subject areas. Below, we discuss a few of the best sources for Praxis 2 study guides in more detail. provides candidates with an overview of the Praxis that includes information about who the exam is for, the test format, test fees, registration information, test dates and locations, and more. The website also offers a range of online prep tools, such as one-on-one tutoring, free practice tests, and free study guides. The free study guide section includes a Praxis exam study guide for each section of the Praxis Core, as well as study guides for Praxis 2 exams such as:

  • Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects
  • Praxis General Science
  • Praxis Mathematics
  • Praxis Middle School Mathematics
  • Praxis PLT: Grades K-6
  • Praxis Social Studies
  • Praxis Special Education
  • Praxis Special Education: Mild to Moderate provides Praxis test-takers with a wide range of Praxis study tools. Candidates can access Praxis apps, test information, practice tests, Praxis exam courses, and Praxis exam study guides. Many of these resources are available for free and can help test-takers learn about the exam and practice with the material. Praxis exam lessons are designed to be engaging to help testers review the material. The website provides free study guides for the Praxis Core, CKT, Subject Assessment, and Specialized exams. A few examples of available Praxis 2 study guides include, but are not limited to:

  • Praxis Biology
  • Praxis Chemistry
  • Praxis Economics
  • Praxis Geography
  • Praxis Gifted Education
  • Praxis Health Education
  • Praxis Marketing Education offers a subscription service for $39.99 a month. Test-takers can cancel at any time. With the subscription comes access to a wide range of Praxis exam study guides and tools. For free, candidates can view information about each exam, including the format of the exam, and access free practice tests. The website offers study guides for the Praxis Core (all sections) and Praxis 2 exams including:

  • Praxis Early Childhood Education
  • Praxis Middle School: English Language Arts
  • Praxis Physical Education: Content Knowledge
  • Praxis Algebra I
  • Praxis English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Praxis Teaching Reading
  • Praxis Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications

What is the Praxis Exam? This guide will answer this question with info on test locations, dates and requirements, Praxis test lengths, exam prep advice, registration details and more.

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