The Top 20 Blogs for Homeschooling High School


The Top 20 Blogs for Homeschooling High School

Whether you are brand new to the homeschooling world or a seasoned homeschool parent of a high school student, this helpful article is for you. After all, homeschool laws and regulations vary quite a bit from state to state, so it always helps to consult with knowledgeable experts. Below are reviews of 20 quality websites that will assist you as you travel along your exciting high school homeschool journey.

Founded in the year 2000, TheHomeSchoolMom provides good advice for homeschooled high schoolers preparing for either college or a vocation. To start with, click the 'Homeschooling 101' tab followed by the 'How to Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum' article. Next, you'll want to download the free 'Digital Course Planner.' This tool tracks both high school courses and community college courses your student may take. Afterward, click on the 'Homeschooling Styles' tab to learn an overview of the many different ways homeschoolers classify themselves. These include the Moore Formula, Computer-based, Waldorf, Eclectic, and Classical methods.

The HS4CC website is proud of the fact that 94% of their community earn some sort of credit for college while still attending high school. Founded in 2012 on Facebook by a mother of four homeschooled sons, she wrote the 'Homeschooling for College Credit' book as well. You'll certainly want to click on 'Earn College Credit' followed by the unique '30 Ways to Earn College Credit in High School' article. The site also features a 'Disabilities & Accommodations' section devoted to students who require special needs. Another tab is devoted strictly to helping your homeschooler find scholarships that match their educational goals.

When first visiting the LHSHS website, parents will want to view the 'Beginners Guide' section to find solid advice. After all, the founder is a former teacher and principal who now is a homeschool mom to four of her six children. Next they can access the unique 'State Laws' section to find just how high school homeschooling works where they reside. Voted a 'Top 100' online homeschool site in 2014, it offers tips for finding free online high school courses, and the site features a tab catering to special needs students too. Lastly, the handy 'Homeschool Graduation Planner' is an invaluable free download parents won't want to be without either.

Homeschool World features a unique section titled 'The Top 12 Homeschool Methods.' Furthermore, it is the official website of Practical Homeschooling magazine, which touts itself as 'the most-visited homeschool magazine page on Facebook.' Click on the 'High School' tab to uncover dozens of articles such as the relevant 'The Rules of High School are Changing.' The site includes advice if you have a gifted and talented student. Finally, homeschoolers can often participate in extracurricular activities too, and the 'Choosing the Best High School Activities' article gives advice as to which will appeal most to college recruiters.

The clever 7SistersHomeschool website was started by...well, two biological sisters and four friends. They consider the reader as the seventh sister! In addition to homeschool curricula, they offer a weekly podcast where they discuss topics such as 'Hands-on Learning in Homeschool High School.' The helpful articles 'High-Interest Books for Struggling High-School Readers' and 'How to Grade High School Papers' will definitely intrigue parents. Lastly, the one-of-a-kind 'What Are You Thinking? Helping Teens to Think Well' lesson helps high schoolers to utilize four critical questions to examine their oft-confusing television and online worlds.

This website is run by a homeschool mom of a girl and two boys who embraces the Charlotte Mason teaching methodology, with an emphasis on science and history. She believes in unit studies emphasizing the differences between American Literature and British Literature, and her 'High School Home Curriculum Top Picks' is a must read for parents. Firstly though, click on her distinctive 'Brain Training' tab to find out fun ways a high schooler can keep their synapses firing. Don't forget your homeschooler can do this site's at-home high school level science experiments, and you'll want to click on the 'Living Math' tab to access some free printable worksheets too.

When you have homeschooled five children for over 20 years like the founder of Annie & Everything, you tend to learn a lot of great tips to give to parents. She is also a featured speaker on the homeschool convention circuit. You can start with '12 Reassuring Facts You Should Know About Homeschooling High School.' Furthermore, Annie asks if you 'want to cure your fears' regarding homeschooling young adults. She responds by answering 14 pertinent questions with her helpful 'Homeschooling High School Q & A' segment. Every Friday she holds her podcast with timely topics such as 'Getting Your Teen Back on Schedule,' as well as advice for choosing the right college for your high school homeschooler.

''Your Morning Basket'' is run by Pam Barnhill, an award-winning educator and former journalist of four children. You might wish to launch your high school homeschool search with a replay of her unique and free 'Visions and Goals' webinar. This includes planning your student's days and choosing curriculum. The entire premise of her teachings revolves around her 'Morning Time' system, as she firmly believes that is when the best learning takes place during a high school homeschool day. Her blog post 'When Everyone is Suddenly Home' deals with homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will undoubtedly come in handy as the world changes and through upcoming years.

A former science teacher and mother of four 'out-of-the-box' teens started this blog in 2007. Your budding high school scientists will definitely benefit from her 'Plant Journaling for Homeschoolers' lesson. Furthermore, the site contains articles on how to use a microscope to get the most out of learning from natural settings near your home. And if your student is artistically inclined, the related 'Tips for Botanical Illustrating' will be of interest. These three activities will force your students to utilize higher-level thinking skills to complement their book learning. She even offers one-on-one consultation packages via Skype if you want to take your high school homeschooling knowledge to the next level.

Yes, this unique website touts itself as 'quirky and real,' and it uses humor to alleviate some of the seriousness of the high school homeschooling process. The team consists of knowledgeable homeschool moms, and they offer plenty of solid activities and resources. The article '3 Inexpensive Screen-Free Games That Make Math Fun' will help your high schooler navigate those tough waters. One of the more unique features of any homeschool website is their '90's Boy Bands: The Hot New Curriculum for Homeschoolers,' which they claim can even improve reading and cognitive skills too. Don't forget to subscribe so you can click on the 'Freebies' tab and receive the 52-week activity planner!

The blogger behind emphasizes the importance of time management in the high school homeschool process. First read 'How to Work and Homeschool at the Same Time.' An ideal place to go next is with the 'Getting Started with Homeschooling' article. Her helpful blog '9 Screen-free Sanity Savers' offers the new high school homeschooler tried-and-true tips to orchestrate the day. Don't forget to subscribe to her newsletter, and as a bonus you'll receive a free 20-page workbook. The site even offers a chance to join the 'Working Homeschool Mom Club' to connect with other homeschooling parents.

The multitalented mother of three that runs has been homeschooling since 2006. A good place to start is with the 'So You're Scared to Homeschool High School' article, which addresses difficulties of teaching a teenager, and offers solutions by actually getting your teen to help plan their own homeschool curriculum. Since her favorite subject was biology, check out her 'How I Teach Homeschool High School Science' article, which includes a three-page PDF 'Free Internet Textbook' featuring reading requirements. An original concept on this site is her 'Time Management for Teens' blog. She also gives the scoop on how homeschoolers can earn dual high school and college AP exam credits. Finally, don't forget to download your free and printable '4 Year High School Plan' spreadsheet.

The mother of five kids runs Click on 'Are You Suddenly Homeschooling?' to access the 'Quick Self Help Guide' and 'FAQs' as well. Since the site does cater to high school homeschooling in Canada, it has plenty of lessons in English as well as some French language lessons. Also available is the interesting '31 Days of Hands-On Canadian History.' One unique feature about this website is the 'Learning Centre,' which features checklists, eBooks, and free items to print. You have to register, but the membership is completely free. Furthermore, click on 'The High School Homeschooling Planner' and to-do lists you can print as well. is run by a mother of four, and her 'Quick Start Guide to High School Home Curriculum' will get the ball rolling for you. Furthermore, the 'High School Home Curriculum article addresses subjects ranging from foreign languages to science. Their motto is 'doing what we love without breaking the bank,' and the 'Frugal Living' tab includes free items you can print for the holiday seasons. Parents will want to review the 'Real Homeschooling for Real Families Blog Series' to better understand the different types of homeschooling methods. These options include Charlotte Mason, Eclectic, and the Technology-loving Unschooling systems. From there click on 'How to Start Homeschooling' to find further information, such as laws, programs, and your young adult's own learning style.

Donna Young's website is one of the earlier online homeschooling ventures, with its start in 1998. First click on the clever 'The Doom of a Homeschool Schedule' to find out how a structured high school homeschool schedule often gets modified into a realistic schedule instead. Next click on the unique 'Family Boot Camp' to find out how parents can plan a five-day schedule for a specific high school subject. Parents will most certainly benefit from the 'Homeschool Planner' tab, which is printable too. Timelines are a fine way to teach high schoolers about history, geography, and other subjects, and this site has forms and templates that will help your student create and print them.

BJ's Homeschool is the brainchild of a mother who has been homeschooling for over 14 years. Since she has a daughter who is '2e' or 'twice exceptional,' the founder has a special tab devoted to these gifted homeschoolers with sensory issues. Go to the 'High School' section to read valuable posts such as '4 Steps to Planning High School at Home.' One unique feature of this site is the 'Make Your Own English Course Section,' which includes a helpful seven-step process. Lastly, investigate 'The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens Through High School,' which includes homemade courses, transcript information, and a day in the life of a high school homeschooler.

One unique feature of this homeschool to college hub is its handy list of 'Homeschool Friendly Colleges by State.' Upon arriving at the website, read 'Setting the Record Straight About Homeschool,' which will guide you through many of the myths and misconceptions associated with the high school homeschool world. 'The Basic Process' section describes the four steps of school searches, entrance exams, admissions, and financial aid for high school students. Another original feature is the 'Using Two-Year Community College as a Gateway into Four-Year Schools' section. Lastly, don't ignore the useful 'Tips for Parents and Students' tab, including ACT and SAT test-taking tips.

The founder of holds a graduate degree in college counseling, so she knows what it takes to help parents transition their children from high school to the next level of education. Click on 'Blog' and then 'Homeschooling High School' to access the unique article 'Is a Homeschooling Co-op What You Need?' Another original article is titled 'Public Speaking for Homeschoolers,' as this skill opens the door for many job opportunities. The 'How to Build a Better Vocabulary' lesson will help improve your high school homeschooler's reading and writing skills.

Started in 2014, UM2M is dedicated to parents who have real fears about driving down the high school homeschooling highway. They even offer coaching options for parents featuring personalized 1:1 phone calls! Read 'How Hard Will Unschooling Be For You?' and 'What Does Deschooling Mean?' to compare the two distinct homeschooling concepts. High school students and their parents will definitely want to read the mutually supportive article 'Are You Listening to Me?' Finally, you will want to read 'Teen Years - Is it too Late to Unschool?' to find out how homeschooling can really fit your family's educational needs.

How Do I Homeschool? features a useful article titled 'Homeschool Room Set-up Ideas' to get you started on your first day. The unique 'Methods' tab features an overview of ten popular homeschooling methodologies, including Charlotte Mason, Montessori, and Classical. The '10 Reasons to Homeschool in High School' blog delineates solid arguments for leaving traditional schools. Click on 'Optimize Your Homeschool to Make an Even Better Homeschool' for tips on high school student motivation. Last of all, read 'Homeschool to College: Do Homeschoolers Transition to College Well?' This article includes some of the stressors high schoolers deal with when they move out on their own.


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