The Top 30 Homeschool Websites for Free Printables


The 30 Best Homeschooling Sites for Free Printables

Homeschooling a child can be difficult without enough resources to fill their day. Because making creative, educational activities and worksheets on an everyday basis is not feasible for every parent, it is important to have reliable sources for these materials.'s mission is to make education accessible, so we have curated a list of sites that we think can make homeschooling easier with free printables. These clever complimentary resources include stimulating mazes, scrambles, and word searches, as well as other activities which will supplement the homeschooled student's learning.

3 Dinosaurs is a website that provides seasonal printables and activities. The owner of the site Cassie, mother of three girls, creates printables for various topics and subjects. Her resources are creatively designed to ensure that your child can learn important skills like counting and reading while grabbing their interest. She has plenty of themed and seasonal worksheets that can cater to the learning level and interests of your child!

This Reading Mama is a website created by Becky, a homeschooling mother who is passionate about literacy. She has a wide variety of resources on her site, but we found her library of free printables to be especially valuable. Her interest in literacy shows in her extensive collection of worksheets for spelling, reading, and phonics. Just join her free newsletter and have unlimited access to her hundreds of printables.

Living Montessori Now is full of great printables for your young child. Deb Chitwood is experienced in Montessori-based education, and she has an easy-to-access tab full of printables to help your child practice age-appropriate skills. Her cutting sheets, do-a-dot phonics printables, and more give a well-rounded hub for activities that you can do with your child.

Simple Living Creative Learning aims to provide exciting activities and printables that students can enjoy. Homeschool mother Stacey has been homeschooling her two boys their entire lives, and she consistently posts many free printables. Her printables come in large packs, which is great for those homeschoolers that enjoy a theme and want to keep learning more.

Enchanted Learning publishes K-12 educational material, including free printables! With over 35,000 pages on their site, there are plenty of printouts available for homeschooling. An interesting offering on their site is a page that allows their users to generate their own worksheets. This can be helpful for the homeschooler that needs extra practice but enjoys the format of one of the many pre-existing worksheets on Enchanted Learning's site.

Real Life at Home is a compilation for four former sites of Angie Kauffman. She has many printables with fun images on them. Her printables have helpful tags which make it easy to sift through the multitude of documents she's posted. She also offers mini books, like the 'My Winter Counting Books' sets.

Homeschool Creations has a plethora of resources for homeschool families. With an entire tab of her site dedicated to printables, Jolanthe provides hundreds of quality activities, worksheets, and other resources for homeschoolers. Expose your child to everything from geography to biology to new pieces of literature using Homeschool Creations!

Encouraging Moms at Home was created by Amy, mother of six, to do exactly that! Amy aims to encourage parents and provide them with helpful resources for their homeschool and parenting needs. Under Teaching Ideas, you can find the Free Printables section full of coloring sheets, notebook pages, and activities. Amy does a great job of finding innovative ways to incorporate pop culture, like Star Wars and Minecraft, into educational worksheets.

From ABCs to ACTs is a site created by Amber, a preschool teacher turned homeschooling mom. This site has a handy link at the bottom of the page that directs you to a compilation of printable resources for your homeschooler. She strives to encourage children to learn through play and it shows! There is no shortage of engaging, picture-filled printables. For the tactile and visual learner, Amber has created fun activities for your child that you can easily print out and set up at home.

Mama Jenn is a site created by Mama Jenn, Jennifer, herself. She created this site to help parents homeschool with ease and creativity. She has dozens of printables covering everything from calendars to phonics to games. You can sort by category on her site easily to find the perfect printable, and for even more resources, you can subscribe to her emailing list.

The Homeschool Scientist is run by Marci Goodwin, who wants to inspire parents to expose their children to the fun in science education. Marci provides users with a free one-stop-shop for science printables. Want to teach your child about the solar system? Human skeletons or reptiles? Check out these science resources and become homeschool scientists with your children today!

Kitchen Table Classroom is a website focused on promoting fun, easy, and meaningful art projects to homeschoolers. As a parent and former art teacher, Kitchen Table Classroom's founder, Jodi, does a great job making the artistic experience accessible and doable. She has a wonderful free resource library available on her site.

Learn Create Love is a great site for printables and activities for young children. Kimberley created this site to share homeschool-friendly resources, especially crafts and printable. She's made each printable for her own daughter and uploads them to share with others. Her printables are nicely organized and cover essential skills that young children need to practice, including learning letters, reading, paper cutting, and more.

The Moments at Home focuses on providing resources to help families create a family rhythm and a home that each family member enjoys. This site has many printable worksheets, especially around special holidays like Earth Day and Valentine's Day. Lisa, its founder, has compiled fun and educational resources for families that wish to enjoy their moments at home.

The winner of various reader awards, Hip Homeschool Moms was created by two innovative and talented women. One mom has three children including an autistic child, and one raises three children on a 40-acre farm. Examples of free printables include a color calendar, middle school writing rubrics, a garden planner, and charming free Valentines to hand out to that special someone. Other interesting free items are printable instructions for solving a tangram puzzle, and writing practice worksheets featuring the wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci. The site even features a 'Special Needs' tab, with articles emphasizing ADHD instruction.

Five J's is a website created by Joy, mother of three children. Her site is a great resource for printables that are outside of the typical worksheet. Joy's printables appeal to more than just younger children. She includes resources like gradebooks and high school credit planners, along with thorough worksheets for students of all grade levels.

Meaningful Homeschooling offers many printable worksheets for homeschoolers. This site compiles resources from other blogs, so that homeschooling parents can have a single hub for multiple sites. They have released a blog post called 100+ Free Preschool Printables that is especially helpful by allowing users to have one unified place to discover new printables.

Every Star is Different was created by Renae and Jason who have made countless printables for teachers and parents. Categorized neatly, these printable packs cover a multitude of topics and are good, engaging options for homeschooled students. Visitors to their site can find seasonal, holiday, thematic, Montessori, religious, and toddler free printables easily!

Early Learning Ideas has engaging activities for 3-6 year old children, including great printable activities for young children learning fine motor skills. There are a variety of fun themes for worksheets that set them apart from other sites. Jennifer, the site's creator, has printables for rhyming picture cards, hole punch activities, bead placement mats, and much more!

Jin Jenny created The Relaxed Homeschool to help other homeschooling parents in their journeys to educate their children. She provides multiple resources like book lists and curricula. She has a section on her website that highlights all the free printables she has. This is a great place to check out and find printables to assist homeschooled children in practicing handwriting, coloring, and counting!

The first thing that will catch your eye about the pastel-themed Happiness Is Homemade website is its easy-to-navigate design. Started in 2010 by a California mom of three boys and devoted to all things homeschool, her arts & crafts blog has grown to include free printables, which feature word searches, mazes, and placemats. Other free printables that are well-liked relate to St. Valentine's Day and other popular major holidays. When tackling DIY projects, it certainly doesn't hurt that she has a college degree in interior design, and her husband is an electrical contractor. The website even features a 'Summer Reading Challenge List' printable which will be sure to keep homeschool minds sharp all year.

The Busy Teacher website is administered by a Minnesota company in its ninth year of existence, which runs two other education technology websites. Every Tuesday, their popular 'Busy Teacher Weekly' newsletter goes out to over 300,000 eager subscribers. The site contains a variety of free printables such as 'Make a Word Search', 'Make a Word Scramble' and 'Make a Double Puzzle', among others. In addition, free printable activities, quizzes and worksheets are available for math as well as language arts, and are conveniently categorized by grade level. The website even features 'Life Skills' printable worksheets dedicated to teaching students about money and career decisions.

The Guest Hollow website was the brainchild of a mom and dad team who have already finished homeschooling three children. Free printables include 'Greek and Latin Roots Memory Game', 'Creating Comics Worksheet', and helpful lapbooks. In addition, the site's free printables include both language arts and science. Homeschool students will love the free printable timelines, which really bring history to life in easy-to-understand chronological order. The clever 'History Shelf' tab offers a timeline of historical books and videos that is regularly updated, and the site even offers donations to families dealing with financial hardships.

The 3 Boys and a Dog site is a homeschool venture run by a mom with three sons, including one who is both gifted and has autism. This helpful site literally contains hundreds of educational printables. If you need help teaching spelling concepts, then 'Free Printable Spelling Games' will be of assistance to you. In addition, the site has many holiday-themed free printables such as a 'Halloween Tracing and Coloring Book', and a related 'Autumn Fun' printable too. Do your students love everything Star Wars? The free printable 'Star Wars Letter Find' will both entertain and educate your children. The website even has printables devoted specifically to back-to-school activities.

The 24/7 Moms website was created by a mother of five who is in the 'Mom Zone' and wants to help you with homeschooling. The unique 'I Love You Because...' free printable teaches children the importance of family tradition. What student doesn't like to decorate their lunchbox? This site has several printables for lunchboxes, including jokes and notes. When summer vacation comes to an end, students and parents can access the topical back-to-school free printables. In addition, the site has plenty of printables related to the major holidays, including five free printable birthday cards. One more item parents will love more than their children is a 'DIY Magnetic Chore Chart', complete with a printable to keep track of completed tasks.

Embark on the Journey was started by a mom of a girl and two boys who has spent fourteen years homeschooling. One unique item is a free printable 'Teen Planner', which will help students coordinate their busy schedules. What children don't love those dinosaurs from those scary but fun movies? The 'Dinosaur Activity Pack' free printable includes a coloring page, a maze, and a word search. Dr. Seuss is another favorite to students, so don't forget to download the printable 'Dr. Seuss Writing Prompts' to aid your budding authors. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about your backyard feathered friends, the 'Backyard Birds Unit Study' includes printables too.

The Mrs. Jones Creation Station website was founded by a former schoolteacher who retired to raise a family, only to launch a quality digital product for homeschoolers. An interesting unique free printable is a workbook titled 'I Am a Good Citizen.' A similar lesson featuring both a printable and chart cards is titled 'Try a Little Kindness.' Other free printables include those devoted to matching sounds, making words, and pre-writing. If you need help teaching math, a printable related to composing numbers is for you. Don't forget to subscribe to the digital newsletter, so as homeschool parents you can receive the latest free printables and updates.

The Meet Penny site was founded in 2012 by a mother of four named... Tabitha. Dozens of useful free printables are available, including ones related to nursery rhymes, animals, and writing projects. The website even has a 'Free Printables Library' for your convenience. One really clever and unique printable features a combination of the popular game Minecraft and St. Valentine's Day cards, and other major holiday free printables are available too. Still another printable is titled 'Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?' It helps children learn between living and non-living things. Don't forget the 'Rainy Day Science Experiments' free printable to keep the kids busy when they can't go outside.

The Homeschool Helper Online website commenced online way back in 2002, and was founded by a mom of three children. The site is brimming with all sorts of free printables. Examples of science worksheets include ones related to amoebas, insects, and clouds. Fun fill-in-the-blank worksheets will help your students learn about famous historical figures such as Betsy Ross. Many of the printables at this site even contain lined notebook paper, so children can learn and improve their penmanship simultaneously. Other original free printables include eight devoted to NASA and the space program. Don't forget the printable 'Record Keeping' forms to assist you in tracking homeschool paperwork.

The Natural Homeschool is run by Tanya, a mother of two children and an expert in the Montessori Method. Her site features over 300 free printables bundled by theme, from holiday activities to educational worksheets covering a wide range of subjects, including science, history, literature topics, and much, much more. These printables are sure to engage your children throughout the homeschool day and make learning fun!

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