Third Grade Georgia Science Standards

Instructor: Shelby Golden
Check out Georgia's science standards for third graders with this article. Find out what students in this grade will study and learn about useful educational resources.

How Does Georgia Set Up Science Standards?

Georgia uses two co-requisite forms of science standards: content standards and characteristics of science standards. Content standards cover the new scientific concepts that students will study throughout the year. Characteristics of science standards deal with the scientific skills that students will need to develop. While these standards focus on different aspects of scientific learning, they are both very important and will be taught together over the course of the school year.

What are the Characteristics of Science Standards for 3rd Grade?

In 3rd grade, students will work on two areas that relate to this standard:

Habits of Mind

Students will learn to accurately record and explain any investigations that they complete. They will focus on being safety conscious. Additionally, students will work on completing computations that involve whole numbers and fractions. They will work with measurements as they solve scientific problems. Kids will also be able to learn about building with different materials. They will practice using various kinds of devices, like computers and cameras.

Time will be spent understanding representations of data, such as graphs, maps, sketches and more. Students will practice creating instructions and crafting sketches. They will also develop research skills and learn how to support scientific claims with legitimate sources.

The Nature of Science

3rd graders will explore why scientific investigations sometimes come up with different results. They will also study why scientific knowledge from the past is still used today. They will learn about the importance of communication and technology, as well as the different ways that scientific processes can be carried out.

Students who want to learn more about scientific practices and safety can complete these lessons about Scientific Basics. Kids will also be able to go over scientific measurements and terms.

What Content Standards are Used in 3rd Grade?

Georgia breaks the content standards for this grade down into three subject areas:

Earth Science

While studying earth science, students will learn about the qualities of rocks and minerals. They will focus on different top soils, as well as erosion. Students will also learn about fossils and fossil formation.

Kids can check out these online lessons on Geology for Elementary School to review facts about erosion, different kinds of weathering and types of minerals. These short lessons make it easy for kids to build an understanding of these scientific topics.

Physical Science

Working on this subject allows kids to study the ways heat is produced. They can also learn more about insulation and heat energy transfer. Students will gain hands-on practice using thermometers. Additionally, students will study magnets, especially how they attract or repel different objects.

These Physics for Elementary School lessons provide a great way for students to learn more about the properties and characteristics of magnets.

Life Science

Students will focus on the various ecological habitats found in Georgia. They will study the features that plants and animals have adapted to survive in Georgia. Effects of habitat change will also be considered. Kids will learn more about pollution, as well as conservation and recycling.

Completing these Environmental Science for Elementary School lessons can help students reinforce what they're learning about ecosystems, pollution and the importance of recycling.