Top Homeschool Blogs for Preschool Resources

The Top Homeschool Blogs for Homeschooling Preschool

Parents all over the country are making the decision to homeschool, with an estimated 1.5 million children in the United States in some form of homeschool program. Many of these are parents of very young children, which presents its own unique set of challenges - not least, the need to understand how to best serve a child's development and give them the ideal foundation for future learning. After individually searching through more than 600 websites, we found fifteen that we feel are doing an outstanding job of providing resources, information and advice to parents of young families.

1. delivers exactly what it promises. Hover over the 'Homeschool Freebies' menu item on the homepage and you're rewarded with links to a huge resource collection, well organized by subject, level, theme and approach. The preschool printables section alone contains 130 pages of fun activities, ideas and resources that preschool children will love. Not only that, but they also share extensive, curated curriculum bundles that link out to a wide range of external sites and resources.

2. has great navigation that makes it easy to access their large collection of printables, craft ideas, subject resources and more. Each page provides a neatly ordered list of resources, as well as interesting ideas for learning activities, accompanying equipment lists and general advice. Dotted throughout the site you will also find lists of further activities for various themes, such as field trips and internet adventures for art appreciation.

3. is another well-organized website that provides a ton of resources for its users, both secular and Christian. Many of the resources offered are created by the website owner and can be purchased for a small fee. Organized by theme, preschool printables are attractively designed and perfect for use with small children, making for great, lesson-style activities for homeschool parents.

4. was created by a parent who was initially a homeschool skeptic. Through years of hard work, they developed an approach that worked, and now they offer tons of printables, reading lists, craft ideas, recipes and more to help other homeschool parents find their own way in the difficult world of home education.

5. is an attractive website devoted to the education of preschool children at home. They offer over 100 free printables as well as a collection of resource collections in their online shop, which can be purchased for a small fee. However, in addition to the usual resource collections, they also provide extensive advice and guidance for holidays, reading lists, general activities and parenting, making this an excellent all-round resource.

6. emphasizes the importance of fun and excitement in activities developed for young children. One of their key philosophies is that homeschool education should incorporate plenty of outside time to give children the opportunity to explore and learn from the world around them, offering hours of fascinating interaction and natural learning opportunities. As such, they provide hundreds of activity ideas for homeschool families both inside and outside of the home, as well as tons of free printables.

7. was created by a mother of two children who serve as the inspiration for this online learning resource. This site emphasizes the importance of play and craft activities with children of preschool age, with the resources on offer following suit. Resources are organized by theme, type and subject, and each area offers attractive, fun activities. These offerings will not only engage young children through colorful and attractive design, but also teach them foundational concepts around language, math, science, social studies and more.

8. began in 2011 by a mother who wanted to help others take joy in being stay-at-home moms. The site is packed with advice and articles that can be useful to all parents, as well as pages and pages of activity ideas and suggestions for use with preschool children. Suggested activities can largely be completed with items around the home or those that are easy to obtain, and emphasize color, fun, active learning, and play to engage young learners.


Produced by 'two moms at different stages of the motherhood game', is a well-organized and professionally presented site that provides handy reviews of eLearning resources as well as tons of printables and activity ideas for children from pre-kindergarten through to grade school. The site's eLearning reviews give great insight into tools that are available to target particular areas of preschool education, such as counting games, animal puzzles, sight word building games and more. Activities are categorized by theme (insect, superheroes, seasonal etc.), subject, crafts, and age-group, giving this site a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to obtain great homeschool resources for young children.

10. is a website designed to help bring families together through shared experiences. It includes tips, resources and information on a variety of areas revolving around the family at home, including parenting, marriage, holidays and food. They also showcase an impressive collection of preschool resources that include free printables and hundreds of ideas for educational activities and crafts. They offer inspirational ideas like book boxes, which can be used to create hands-on stories to capture the attention of young children. Perfect for those with young families!

11. is a fun and quirkily designed website with a serious mission: to 'engineer the future through calculated parenting'. Driven by a desire to see a future where children and teenagers are inspired to learn and grow through intellectual curiosity, they provide small collections of resources in a variety of subject areas. Emphasis is placed on the child's enjoyment and engagement, particularly in areas like reading, with a view towards fostering long-term positive associations with the activity in question. The site also encourages learning through play, games and crafts, offering boardgame reviews and recipes for homemade play materials like Play Dough, foam and silly putty.

12. is an easy-to-navigate website with a multitude of resources for all grade levels, but especially preschool. With fun, short videos, informational articles, and engaging activities, you can guide your preschooler through a great homeschooling experience! Creekside Learning has tabs to make exploring their site simple. Under the Grade Level tab, you can find pages dedicated to helping you homeschool your preschooler. These resources show fun ways to engage your child in various subjects and develop age appropriate skills like handwriting and telling time. Overall, this site is a fantastic way to find fresh methods to teach your preschooler.

13. is a site with a wide breadth of materials made for all educators and caregivers. Providing resources since 2008, Woo! Jr. Kids Activities is managed by a team of five women who are experienced in blogging, education, homeschooling, and writing. They regularly upload fun, seasonal activities for preschoolers. This site does a good job of including both basic knowledge skills training and unique project ideas for your children. Whether you want to practice the alphabet with your preschooler or teach them about Chinese New Year and Black History Month, you can find an engaging and free resource on Woo! Jr. Kids Activities!

14. is a site run by Rebecca Reid, an experienced teacher and tutor who now homeschools her three children. She has plenty of free and affordably priced resources on a variety of subjects including language arts, history, STEM, and Spanish! Reid creates cheap and unique resources called Boom Cards, which are a fun way to integrate technology into homeschool schedules with your preschoolers. You can also become a VIP through her site to get exclusive access to her resource library. All in all, this is a good site to explore for free and cheap activities for your homeschooled preschooler.

15. is a lifestyle blog started by Sarah Lemp that includes many resources for parents and preschoolers. Sarah's mission of 'doing all things with purpose' manifests in her meaningful activities and blog posts. She has activities that teach children the essential skills of reading and writing, but she also includes resources such as printable note cards for the homeless. All Things with Purpose is a great blog for all things homeschool for your preschooler.

Homeschooling is hard enough as it is, but balancing the needs of children of different ages makes the challenge all the more difficult. This blog post offers suggestions for how you can succeed when homeschooling your entire family.

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