Understanding CLEP Test Scores

CLEP Passing Scores

CLEP test scores range from 20 to 80 points, with 50 being the minimum passing score suggested by the American Council on Education (ACE) for most tests. However, each of the colleges and universities accepting CLEP tests sets its own minimum exam scores for granting semester-hour credits.

Exam Scoring Methods

CLEP exams typically consist of multiple-choice questions. The College Composition and College Composition Modular exams also include a required essay component, while a few other tests, such as the American Literature exam, give you the option of completing an essay.

For multiple-choice questions, scores are calculated by computer and include no penalty for wrong or unanswered questions. College Composition essays are reviewed and scored by at least two English professors, who award between one and six points depending on your ability to develop a well-organized argument that includes plenty of supporting details.

Score Reports

Test takers receive scores for multiple-choice exams immediately after taking the test. College Composition exam scores are available about a month after the test.

If you complete the College Composition Modular exam or an exam with an optional essay, your response will be sent, un-scored, with results from the multiple-choice questions to your school of choice.

Tips for Studying and Taking CLEP Exams

As with every standardized test, proper preparation is the key to success on a CLEP exam.

CLEP Study Guides

Once you've determined which CLEP exams you want or need to take, the materials you use can make a big difference to maximizing your scoring potential. The following courses are not only designed specifically based on the CLEP exams, but also contain several helpful features to get you ready for test day. The short lesson quizzes and full course exams allow you to test your knowledge and info retention as well as get you familiar with computerized testing strategies. A printable worksheet lets you test yourself offline to keep you sharp for test day.

English Exams

Mathematics Exams

Science Exams

Social Science, History & Humanities Exams

Business Exams

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