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Accommodations for VCLA Exams

Individuals taking a Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) test or subtest may qualify for test accommodations. This means that the format of the test or the testing process may be altered to accommodate their specific needs. It is important to understand who qualifies for accommodations, how to qualify and what type of accommodations are possible because having necessary accommodations can improve a person's ability to perform on the VCLA test.

Who Qualifies for VCLA Accommodations?

Individuals with diagnosed disabilities may qualify for accommodations. For example, a person with an attention disorder may qualify for extra time to complete the test while a person who is legally blind may be permitted to take the test in Braille. The VCLA website provides information about individuals with disabilities receiving accommodations.

A person who has a motor issue might require access to a trackball mouse, or they may have specific medical needs that require access to specialized medical equipment. The accommodations policy allows for individuals with legitimate medical needs to have reasonable testing adjustments.

A test-taker who is a nursing mother may need to apply for accommodations.

Types of Accommodations Offered

The accommodations individuals receive are based specifically on their condition and their needs. For example, while a person who is nursing may be allowed to bring equipment to pump milk during a break, a person with diabetes may need access to snacks and beverages during test breaks.

Some types of accommodations offered include:

  • Extra test time
  • Use of a trackball mouse
  • Access to medical equipment
  • Altered test format, such as receiving a test in Braille
  • Access to a sign language interpreter

Items Permitted Without Special Accommodations

Before applying for accommodations, it is a good idea to check Pearson VUE's list of comfort aids that are allowed in test sites. Examples of permitted items include:

Braces Hearing Aids Inhalers
Eyeglasses EpiPens Oxygen Tank
Pillow Nasal Drops Cough Drops
Bandages Glucose Monitor Casts

Although individuals cannot bring their own tissues, noise reducing headphones or earplugs to a test site, the test site will provide them with these items.

Applying For Accommodations

The VCLA website provides an online form that individuals can fill out when applying for accommodations. They must attach copies of the required documentation needed to support their application, provide identifying information, indicate which VCLA test or subtest they are taking and specify the type of accommodations they're requesting and the reason for their request.

Supporting Documentation

The documentation individuals need to provide can vary. Some may need to request an institutional verification to demonstrate that they have received specific accommodations in the past. Individuals also typically need to have a letter from a professional who has diagnosed their condition. The letter must indicate the person's diagnosis, be printed on the professional's letterhead, be signed by the professional and state what types of test adjustments they recommend for the applicant.

Other forms of documentation individuals may need include copies of medical tests, such as MRIs or CAT scans, or copies of a person's academic record.

How To Schedule An Exam With Accommodations

Do not schedule your exam before your accommodations have been approved. When you receive your approval, which can take up to 3 weeks, you will log into your online account where you registered and paid for your test. You will receive specific directions for scheduling the exam to ensure that your accommodations are provided.

VCLA Test Resources

Before you take your VCLA test, it is a good idea to use reputable study materials to help you review the information you will be tested on. The resources linked to here allow individuals to work at their own pace and help ensure that they have covered all the material for their test.

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