VCLA Test Day Preparation

Preparing for Your VCLA Test Day

Although it's common to think of studying as the main way to prepare for the VCLA exam, there are also a number of practical things that individuals can and should do to ensure that they are fully prepared on test day.

Secure Approved ID

Every test-taker must show valid ID when they arrive at the test site. The ID must meet several requirements.

  • The individual's name must be identical to the name used for registration or an individual must bring documents demonstrating his/her name has legally changed.
  • The ID presented must be in English.
  • The ID must be government-issued.
  • The person's photograph must be displayed on the ID.
  • The ID must also display the person's signature.
  • The ID must not have expired.

Examples of accepted ID include passports and driver's licenses. You must ensure that you have ID that meets all of the requirements noted here or you will not be allowed to take the test.

Locate Your Test Site

It is recommended that individuals plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before their test is scheduled to start. It is a good idea to go to your test site before the day of the test so that you're familiar with your transit route. This will also help you identify any issues that may cause delays when you're traveling there on test day. If you're driving, you can locate parking so that you factor in how much time you need to get from available parking to the test site. Taking these steps will help to ensure that you arrive on time on test day.

Determine If You Qualify for Accommodations

Some individuals with medical needs or disabilities qualify for accommodations. This means that they may receive the test in a different form, be allowed to bring specific items to the test site or be given extra time to complete their test. The VCLA website has information about requesting changes to testing arrangements. It is a good idea to review this information to determine if you qualify for any accommodations. It can take as many as three weeks to have an application for accommodations approved, so if you believe you might qualify, you should submit your application as soon as possible.

Access Test Center Information

The VCLA website provides a link to a slideshow tour that displays a typical test center's admission and testing areas so individuals know what to expect at testing facilities.

Take the CBT Tutorial

A computer-based testing tutorial can be viewed online through the VCLA website. There's also an interactive version that can be downloaded to your computer. Both tutorials familiarize individuals with the computer-based testing system used for VCLA subtests. The interactive version can also be used to ensure you're comfortable with answering questions, moving from one test item to the next and using the on-screen calculator.

Review Testing Rules

The VCLA website provides a two-page PDF document that covers test site regulations. Reading the rules ahead of time will ensure that you know what is expected of you at the test site and during the testing process.

Banned Items

There are a number of things that are not permitted in the testing area and must be stored in a locker. These items include:

Calculators Eyeglasses that record Printed or written materials
Cell phones Bags Food
Beverages Hats Tablets

Dress Appropriately

It's a good idea to wear layers so that you can adjust your clothes to suit the temperature at the test site. Test-takers are also asked to wear soft-soled shoes so that they minimize noise if they need to get up while others are testing.

Study for the VCLA

Studying is a part of the preparation process, and there are several resources that individuals can use to review test material. The Virginia Communication & Literacy Assessment: Practice & Study Guide is a reputable, self-paced resource consisting of video lessons covering test content.

There are also study materials that focus on each of the two subtests. These resources are linked to below. Like the Virginia Communication & Literacy Assessment: Practice & Study Guide, these study guides allow individuals to work through material at their own pace and provide multiple lessons designed to help individuals review information for the VCLA subtests.

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