VCLA Test Retake Policy


Policy for Retaking the VCLA

The Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) can be taken again if you fail on your first attempt. You can also retake a single subtest.

Waiting Period

The only condition that applies to retaking a subtest or test is that you must wait for 30 days following your previous attempt before you take the test or subtest again.

Determining What You Need to Take

Your score report will indicate what scores you received on each subtest that you took. You do not need to retake both subtests if you passed one of them. You can register to retake one subtest only, and that score will be combined with the score you received on your other subtest.

Arranging for a Retake

To retake a VCLA test or subtest, you must log on to you account on the VCLA website and register to take the test again. You are required to pay your test fees and schedule an exam time that is after the 30-day waiting period.

Having a Test Rescored

It is not an option to request a rescoring of the VCLA reading subtest because it only contains multiple-choice questions. However, you may request the option of having the constructed-response sections of the writing subtest rescored. This costs $50. You will have to mail a request, along with the fee, to Evaluation Systems. If the score is changed as a result of rescoring, you will receive a refund for your fee.

Preparing to Retake the VCLA

There are several important steps you can follow to prepare to retake your VCLA test or a VCLA subtest.

Review the Score Report

Every person who takes the VCLA exam or one of the subtests will receive a score report. The score report will indicate if you passed or failed. The score report also breaks down each subtest into the key test objectives. You will receive 1 to 4 + signs to indicate how well you performed on each objective, with 1 being the lowest score and 4 being the highest. This feedback will enable you to determine which objectives you failed to meet and need to emphasize when studying for a retake.

Access Reputable VCLA Prep Resources

There are test preparation resources that allow you to set your own study schedule and review material from home, work, school or anywhere you have a smart phone or computer and an internet connection. These study guides contain numerous lessons that enable you to work through all the material that's covered on both subtests.

Take Advantage of Preparation Materials

The VCLA website has a prepare page that provides links to resources you can use when studying for your exam.

Study Guide: The study guide covers the format of the reading and writing test questions and provides samples.

Test Blueprint: This resource provides a detailed explanation of the test objectives and content areas that are covered in each section of both subtests.

Practice Tests: The VCLA website also links to practice tests that can be used to review material. Taking them is a good way to familiarize yourself with test question formats.

Computer-Based Testing Tutorial: Individuals who have taken the VCLA will have experience using the computerized testing system, but if that presented some issues on test day it is a good idea to use the tutorial to get comfortable with the CBT format. is proud to offer three Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) scholarships for prospective teachers and educators.

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