VCLA Test Score Information

VCLA Passing Scores

Individuals can opt to take the two VCLA subtests separately or at the same time. A total score of 470 is needed to pass. This means that the passing standard for each of the reading and writing subtests is set at 235. However, test-takers can still pass if they score below this level on one of the subtests, provided they earn a combined score of at least 470 points.

Scoring and Score Reports

The lowest score a person can receive on a VCLA subtest is 100. The highest possible score is 300. The score a test-taker receives is a scaled score that takes into account the number of multiple-choice questions answered correctly and his/her performance on the constructed-response questions.

Each test-taker receives a score report that indicates how well he or she did on each section of each subtest. Individuals who do not earn the combined score of 470 needed to pass can use the score report to identify which areas of the test they need to improve on.

Receiving Test Scores

There are two ways to receive your VCLA test scores. You can access your score report through your registration account on the VCLA website, and you can also have your scores emailed to you. Emails are sent to individuals who choose this option when they schedule their VCLA exams.

Score reports can be accessed as of 10 pm EST on the designated score report date, which is up to 10 business days after the date an individual took the VCLA test. These results can be accessed for up to 2 years.

Requesting Test Scores

If you took the VCLA before August 2016 and no longer have access to your test score, or if you would like a copy of your score, you can request a copy for a fee of $10. You must complete a form on the VCLA website ( and pay for this service.

Where Test Results Are Sent

Test results are sent to three different places:

  • The test-taker
  • Virginia's Department of Education
  • The academic institution selected by the test-taker

Rescoring Policy

Only the constructed-response questions on the writing subtest can be rescored. There is a $50 fee for this service, but it will be refunded if your score winds up getting changed as a result of this process.

Unofficial VCLA Scores

The VCLA site offers no guarantee that individuals can or will receive unofficial VCLA test scores. Test-takers have reported receiving unofficial percentage scores after taking their VCLA tests, but these unofficial scores did not include an indication of whether they passed or failed. Test-takers will have to wait for their official score reports to learn if they passed.

VCLA Test Resources

Preparing for your VCLA test involves studying the appropriate material so that you can demonstrate the required knowledge and skills needed to pass both subtests. Using reputable study materials, such as the ones linked to here, is one way to ensure you are spending your time reviewing the right information before your test date. Individuals can access these study materials online, and they contain multiple short lessons that are specifically designed to prepare individuals for the VCLA exams. is proud to offer three Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) scholarships for prospective teachers and educators.

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