WEST-B Test Cost


Test Fees for the WEST-B

The WEST-B exam is made up of three subtests covering reading, writing and mathematics. How much individuals pay for the WEST-B in total will depend on whether they opt to take one subtest at a time or whether they choose to take all three subtests together.


Each subtest costs $32, totaling at $96 for all three tests.


The online account system on the WEST website allows individuals to schedule and pay for their WEST-B exams. The online system takes cards, such as credit, check and debit cards, as long as they display the VISA or MasterCard logo. If an individual does not have one of these cards, then he/she must contact Evaluation Systems and get instructions for paying by check.


The registration processing fees are non-refundable. Individuals who cancel a test at least 24 hours before they were scheduled to take it can receive a refund for the test fees, however. In order to receive this refund, they must follow the applicable steps, depending on whether or not they had already scheduled their test. Individuals who request a refund will receive it within four weeks as long as they qualify.

Refunds for Individuals Registered Only

Individuals who are registered but have not scheduled an exam can log on to their online account on the WEST website to arrange for a refund. A withdrawal request must be submitted.

Refunds for Individuals Scheduled to Test

Individuals who have selected a test time, date and location and received a confirmation email from Pearson VUE must follow a couple of steps to receive a refund.

  • Cancel the scheduled test: The reschedule option in the online account system allows individuals to cancel their scheduled exam. Log in, opt to reschedule and follow the prompts to cancel.
  • Submit a withdrawal request: After the scheduled test has been canceled, an individual can use the online system to complete a withdrawal request.

Refunds for One Subtest Only

Individuals who have registered for all of their subtests together and need to get a refund for one subtest only must cancel all of their scheduled subtests and then re-register for the tests they still wish to take. A withdrawal request can be submitted to recoup the test fees for the canceled subtest.

Fee Policies

All test fees are good for one year from the payment date. If a person pays for a test but does not schedule and take it within that period, he/she is not eligible for a refund.

WEST-B Test Resources

Before scheduling your WEST-B exam, it is a good idea to take advantage of reputable test-prep resources, such as the WEST-B Reading, Writing and Mathematics: Practice & Study Guide. Some of the advantages of this study course include a self-paced, online format that allows individuals to work when it's convenient for them, wherever they have access to the internet via smart phones, computers and tablets.

Individuals who also need to take a WEST-E exam once their basic skills test is out of the way can also take advantage of these WEST-E courses, which feature the same flexible format.

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