WEST-B Test Day Preparation


Preparing for Your WEST-B Test Day

To be prepared for your exam day, you should review practical information about your test site and check on the test regulations, in addition to finding the right study resources. By completing these steps, you can get the knowledge and materials needed to succeed on test day.

Take Advantage of Test Resources

  • Test Site Tour: The test center tour is accessible on the Pearson VUE website. Use this feature to get an idea of the typical layout of a test site and learn what will be expected of you when you check into your testing appointment.
  • Computer Tutorials: The WEST-B test is computer-based. One way to know what to expect from this test format is to take advantage of the tutorials on the WEST website. One tutorial allows you to view the instructional guide that is presented on test day before you start. The other resource is an interactive tutorial that you can download and work through to familiarize yourself with how to enter answers to questions and use the on-screen calculator.
  • Test Details: The WEST website has a page that provides details about the WEST-B test, such as test length and question types. It also links to preparation materials, including documents that clarify the test objectives for all three WEST-B subtests and provide tips for test-takers to follow on test day. Using these resources can help ensure that you know what the WEST-B covers.

Use Study Resources

  • Online Course Materials: This WEST-B Reading, Writing and Mathematics: Practice & Study Guide is designed to help you prepare for the WEST-B test. Around 200 short lessons cover all of the material that is on the three subtests, and you can work through them at your own pace.
  • Practice Questions: The WEST website also provides WEST-B practice questions. There is one set of questions for each subtest. You can use these resources to learn how questions are worded and familiarize yourself with the type of information you will be tested on.

Complete an Application for Accommodations

Review information about the types of test accommodations that are available and who qualifies. This information is provided on the WEST website. If you think you qualify for accommodations, you must submit a completed application and the required paperwork before you schedule your exam date.

Read the Test Rules

The WEST website explains test site rules. Prohibited materials are listed alongside other test rules and policies. It is a good idea to review all of these rules before your test day so that you know what to expect and make sure that you do not bring anything to the test site that isn't allowed. Plan to leave these items at home or in your car so that you do not have an issue on test day.

Read the ID Policy

Anyone who does not have acceptable ID on test day will not be allowed to take their exam. Your ID must have your photograph. It must also contain your signature. Additionally, your name must match the name you used when you completed your test registration. The ID must also have been issued by the government. A passport, for example, fulfills the ID requirements.

Once you've determined which ID to use, make sure you bring it with you on test day.

Find Your Test Center

If possible, travel to your test center before the day of your test. Doing so at the same time of day that you will travel on test day can help ensure you know what to expect from traffic volume. Locate parking so that you budget enough time to get to your test site.

You should also plan to arrive with plenty of time to sign in and get settled. In general, test-takers are expected to arrive at least a quarter of an hour before the start of their test.

Remember to Dress Appropriately

The temperature at test centers can vary. Wearing layers will enable you to take clothes off if you're too warm or to keep extra layers on if you're cold. You should also wear shoes that won't be disruptive if you need to move around during the test.

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