West-B Test Scores


What Is the WEST-B Passing Score?

In order to pass the WEST-B, test-takers must receive a score of 240 or more on each of the mathematics, reading and writing subtests. Test-takers receive a scaled score for each subtest. The lowest possible score that a person can receive on a subtest is 100, and 300 is the highest possible score.

Score Breakdown for the Math and Reading Subtests

The mathematics and reading tests only use multiple-choice questions. This means that 100% of the scores on those tests are derived from multiple-choice questions. Test-takers receive points for selecting the right answers. There are no penalties for answering incorrectly, so individuals who do not know the answer to a question can guess without fear of jeopardizing their test scores.

Score Breakdown for the Writing Subtest

There are two types of questions on the writing subtest. Sixty seven percent of an exam score is based on answers to the multiple-choice questions. The remaining 33% is based on answers to the constructed-response questions.

The constructed-response questions are evaluated on the basis of how effectively test-takers communicate in written form. They are evaluated on their ability to thoroughly answer the question and tailor their answer to the appropriate audience. Test-takers are also assessed for their ability to develop a position and support it while organizing their information effectively; the position itself is not the focus of the scoring process.

Who Sets the Passing Score?

The Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) uses input from educators in the state of Washington to determine the appropriate score needed to pass the WEST-B. The goal is to ensure that those entering the teaching profession have the knowledge and skills needed to be effective entry-level teachers.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Test Scores?

The WEST website provides information about the WEST-B test and a list of score reporting dates. These fall at the end of month-long testing windows that occur throughout the year. For example, individuals who took the WEST-B between February 19, 2018 and March 18, 2018 received test scores on March 30. Those who took the test from March 19, 2018 to April 15, 2018 received score reports on April 27.

Individuals may only be required to wait 2 weeks for their results if they took the test near the end of the testing period, while those who took the test at the start of the testing period may be required to wait more than 5 weeks to find out if they passed.

What's on the Score Report?

The score reports that test-takers receive indicate whether or not they passed. The reports also provide general information about test-takers' WEST-B testing history and their scaled score on each subtest.

Since the writing subtest has both constructed-response and multiple-choice questions, test-takers receive a scaled score for each of those sections if they failed that subtest. This enables individuals who did not pass the WEST-B to determine which areas they need to emphasize reviewing when they prepare to retake their exams.

Where Can I Find WEST Test Resources?

Take advantage of reputable study materials while you're preparing for the WEST-B exam. The course linked to here is accessible online and contains 180 short lessons that individuals can fit into their schedule while preparing for the WEST-B.

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