WEST-B & WEST-E Accomodations

Qualifying for WEST-B and WEST-E Accommodations

In order to qualify for accommodations, individuals need to be approved. They must have a verifiable diagnosis that warrants adjustments to the test or testing conditions.

Who Qualifies?

There are three main groups of individuals that qualify for accommodations.

Some individuals who have diagnosed disabilities may need reasonable test adjustments. For example, a person who has a visual impairment may need to take the test in Braille.

There may be some test-takers that need more time to complete the test than is given. For example, a person who has a learning disability or cognitive disorder might need extra time to finish the test.

Nursing mothers may need access to equipment and extra time so that they can pump milk and store it safely during the testing period.

Applying for Accommodations

Individuals who believe they qualify for accommodations must complete an application.

Register & Gather Required Documents

Before you can even request accommodations, you must register for your test. During registration, you must let it be known that you are requesting accommodations on your test day.

Next, you'll want to gather all of the documentation that you'll need to support your accommodations' request. The documentation must be current and clearly identify the conditions and types of testing accommodations that are suitable for that condition. This documentation must be on the letterhead of a professional who is qualified to diagnose your condition, and that professional must sign the document.

Some individuals may also need to provide their academic records to demonstrate that they have received these accommodations in the past or copies of psychological tests if those were used in their diagnosis. Medical test reports from brain topography mapping, an electroencephalogram (EEG) or other tests, such as computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may also be required.

Send Application

Once you have all the required documents for your application, submit the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form that is provided on the WEST website. Supporting documents can be uploaded through an app on the application form.


A response is usually issued via email within 3 weeks from the application date. After you receive approval for accommodations, you can log into your account and find out how to schedule your test with the approved testing accommodations.

Types of Accommodations

One type of testing accommodation that some test-takers may qualify for is extra time. The individual can receive up to 1.5 times the normally allotted test time if they qualify. However, please note that the WEST-E tests may offer extra time for individuals who do not speak English as their first language, but these individuals are not eligible for extra time on the WEST-B test.

Some test-takers may qualify to use assistive devices, such as a trackball mouse.

Medical equipment that is not pre-approved may be permitted for individuals with qualifying medical conditions.

Pre-Approved Items

There are some things that are allowed in a test site that individuals do not need to apply to receive approval for. These items include:

Casts Eye Drops Cough Drops
Eyeglasses Inhalers Oxygen Tank
Nasal Drops Cushions Manual Magnifying Glass

A complete list is provided online by Pearson VUE.

WEST Test Resources

Using reputable study guides and materials is one way of ensuring that you are ready to pass your WEST-B or WEST-E tests. The study courses listed here contain hundreds of lessons designed to help test-takers prepare for their exam. Individuals can work at their desired pace and can access the lessons online on smartphones, tablets and computers so that they can work on reviewing material where and when it's convenient for them.

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