WEST B & WEST-E Test Dates & Locations


Test Dates and Locations for the WEST Exams

The WEST-B test and most WEST-E exams are administered year-round by Pearson VUE at testing centers located across the country.

The WEST-E computer science and Latin tests are administered less frequently. You can take these exams during testing windows that occur about a half dozen times a year and last around three to five weeks.

If you need to determine available test times and locations for a specific test, you can access apps on the WEST website to identify the best time and place for you to take it.

The Site Locator App

This app allows individuals to provide location-based information to identify local test sites. You can insert a street address, town name or zip code. Once you do this, the app displays a list of test center names and their addresses. It also shows a map that correlates to the test sites listed so that you will be able to determine which ones are closest.

The Test Times App

You'll need to jump through many steps to find available test times for an exam.

Select Exam: Select the appropriate exam from the drop-down menu. It's important to remember that exams with subtests, such as the WEST-B, give the option of looking up testing appointments for an individual subtest or all 3 subtests together. Make sure you select the right exam option.

Select Test Location: At this point, you will do the same thing you did if you went to the site locator app. You must input an address, city name or zip code to identify local test sites. You will then see a list of test sites and a correlating map that shows where those sites are located. In this app, you can choose up to 3 test sites to view their test time information. You must select the box beside the name of the test site where you're interested in taking a test.

Select a Date: The app will display dates with available test times for each site location chosen. After picking a site, check the calendar for the month you wish to take the test. Test dates with availability will be shown in black. You can click on the date you wish to book your test on.

Select a Time: Once you have selected the specific day of the month when you wish to take your test, you will see a list of start times for taking the test on that date. Available test sessions may begin at 8 am and continue all through the afternoon.

Exam Scheduling

The apps on Pearson VUE only provide information. You must log in to your account on the WEST website and register for the exam you need to take if you have not already done so. You are required to pay your exam fees online and then schedule the exam. That is the only way to secure a date, time and location for taking a WEST exam. Without scheduling through the online account, the test time is not confirmed and test availability may change.

After you have completed the steps required to schedule an exam, you will receive confirmation of your exam schedule. This confirmation is sent by email from Pearson VUE. Confirmation emails identify the location where you are scheduled to take your test. They also contain your test site's phone number and the test time and date.

Changing a Test Time or Location

You may need to change the date, time or place where you are taking your WEST test. In order to do this, you need to identify a new test time or a new location. You can fulfill that step by using the apps on the Pearson VUE site.

Once you have determined a new time and/or place for your exam, you can log on to your account on the WEST website and opt to reschedule. The site will prompt you through the steps to take once you've selected the reschedule option. There is no fee for rescheduling as long as you complete this process no less than 24 hours before your test was scheduled to start.

Individuals who have been approved for testing accommodations must call Pearson VUE directly to change their test time, date or location.

WEST Test Resources

Hundreds of lessons are included in the study materials linked to here. Using study guides such as these will allow you to work at your own pace when and where it's convenient for you. The lessons are accessible from computers, tablets and smart phones. These resources are designed to help you review all relevant material before taking your WEST-B or WEST-E tests.

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