WEST-B & WEST-E Test Retake Policy


Retake Policy for WEST Tests

All aspiring teachers in Washington State are required to pass the WEST-B and a WEST-E exam in their certification area. Individuals who do not pass the WEST-B or WEST-E test can take the test again.

There is a 45-day waiting period that applies to individuals retaking either type of exam. This applies to each attempt on the test.

Signing Up for a Retake

Individuals who need to retake the WEST-B or WEST-E must go through the registration process again. This means that they must pay the test fees, register for their test and schedule their exam time.

Preparing for a Retake

Individuals should consider several strategies when determining the best way to study before retaking a WEST exam.

Check Out Your Score Report

You will receive a score report from your previous attempt taking a test or subtest. You can use the score report to help identify areas where you need to focus on studying.

WEST-B: The most detailed information provided on the WEST-B score report is for individuals who failed the writing subtest. That subtest is divided into two parts; constructed-response questions and multiple-choice questions. Individuals who fail this subtest are provided with their scaled scores for each of the 2 sections, which could be helpful in determining whether they need to focus on their essay-writing skills or the grammar, rhetoric and revision skills tested by the multiple-choice questions.

WEST-E: The WEST-E score report breaks down a person's performance in each of the content areas covered on his or her test. Areas a person performed well in receive +++ to indicate an acceptable performance or ++++ to indicate a high level of competency. Individuals whose performance was poor or limited receive a ++ or + for that content area. These indicators allow individuals to determine which areas of the test they need to concentrate on when studying to retake the exam.

Review Test Objectives

The WEST website provides information about the specific test objectives for each WEST test. Reviewing this information can help individuals preparing to retake the test focus on what they're being assessed for.

Access WEST Test Resources

Individuals who are preparing for the WEST-B exam can take advantage of the WEST-B Reading, Writing and Mathematics: Practice & Study Guide.. This resource is accessible online and allows examinees to review whatever material they want at their own pace. It can be accessed through a smart phone as well as a computer, so individuals can fit in study time when it suits them. This resource has 180 lessons that are designed to help individuals review all the material for their WEST-B test.

There are similar resources that are designed for WEST-E tests. Check out these WEST-E courses to find comprehensive study guides for dozens of endorsement tests.

Join Study Groups

Other individuals who are preparing to enter a postsecondary education program may be studying for the WEST-B exam, while those who are in college classes may also be studying for their WEST-E tests. Finding a study group or study partner can help motivate individuals to study regularly and work to improve their performance.

Budget Study Time

Go through the process of scheduling time to study each content area and allow extra time for the content areas you did poorly on when you took the test. Actually scheduling this time will help ensure that you do not underestimate how much time you need to prepare for your retake.

Study Test-Taking Strategies

Scores for multiple-choice sections are determined by how many answers are right. Individuals do not receive deductions for wrong answers. It is a good idea to guess if you do not know an answer because you will not be penalized for doing so.

You might want to consider reviewing strategies that can help you narrow down your answer choices and improve your chances of getting question right, even when you're not sure of the answer. Checkout this lesson on Strategy for Multiple-Choice Questions to learn more.

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