WEST-E Test Day Preparation

Preparing for Your WEST-E Test Day

There are several things individuals can do before test day to prepare for their exams. While it's common to think of studying for a test, there are other practical steps that test-takers can take to ensure test day is a success.

Before Test Day

Preparing for an exam begins long before the day of the test. Completing these tasks can help ensure you're ready on your scheduled exam date.

Access Online Resources

There are a variety of online resources out there designed to prepare you for your test, many of which can be found on the WEST website.

Test Center Tour: You can use the test center tour feature to find out what a typical testing site looks like. This is found on the Pearson VUE website, but the WEST website has a direct link to this resource. The test center tour provides visuals for all the steps individuals need to take when they arrive at their test site, such as signing in and providing ID.

Test Tutorials: Test tutorials are also available on the WEST website. Using the tutorials can familiarize you with the computer-based testing system that you will use on test day. An app is provided that can be used to learn how to select answers and move through a test. There is also a presentation of the test system instructions that are shown on test day.

Test Information: Each WEST-E exam has an information page on the WEST website that connects to preparation materials, including a document on test-taking strategies. These pages also provide links to test summaries that can be used to identify the objectives for each section of your test. Individuals who access these resources will be familiar with what their test will question them about.

Study Guides: Using WEST-E study materials, such as the ones linked to here, are helpful for incorporating study time into your daily routine. There are hundreds of short lessons that are accessible online through smart phones, tablets and computers. You can work at your own pace and be confident that you have reviewed all the material that will be on your exam. Examples include:

Practice Questions: The preparation materials page for each WEST-E test also includes sample questions. Working through these sample questions is a good way to familiarize yourself with the content on the exam and the question format.

Apply for Accommodations

Some individuals qualify for adjustments to their test or the test procedures. These individuals include nursing mothers, people who do not speak English as their first language and individuals with disabilities. You should review the accommodations information on the WEST website and complete an application for accommodations if you think you qualify. This process must be completed before scheduling your exam.

Review Test Rules

Items such as cell phones, food, cigarettes and some medical devices may not be allowed in test centers. It is a good idea to review the test site rules, which are posted on the WEST website. Reviewing the rules before test day can help ensure you know what to expect.

Locate Your Test Site

It's a good idea to take a trip to your test site ahead of time. Familiarize yourself with the transit route or roads you will drive on. If you need parking, find out where you can park that's close to the test site. Determine if there are road closures or other factors that may affect your transit time on test day so that you leave enough time to get to your test site. You should make plans to arrive at least 15 minutes before your test is scheduled to start.

On Test Day

There are some things it is important to do on the day of your exam.

Make Sure You Have Your ID

In order to be allowed to take your WEST-E test, you must be able to establish your identify. You can only do this by presenting a government-issued ID. The ID must have your name on it, and your name must match the name you used to register. Examples of accepted ID include a state-issued driver's license or a military ID. Accepted ID must include your signature and photograph.

Leave Forbidden Items Elsewhere

There are many items that aren't allowed at the test site, which you will have familiarized yourself with if you followed the steps to take before test day. Leave these items at home or, alternatively, leave them in your vehicle.

Layer Your Clothes

Bringing or wearing extra layers will allow you to adjust your clothing to the room temperature at the test site. Some individuals may find it cool and want to wear extra layers, while others may find the site warm and opt to take layers off. Soft-soled shoes are a good idea because they will not disturb other test-takers if you need to get up for any reason during the testing period.

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