What Are ACT Test Results by State?

ACT Composite Scores by State

To determine your composite ACT score, the scores from all four categories of the ACT are averaged and rounded to a whole number. The scores below are the average composite scores for each state, as of 2014 data from ACT, Inc.

ACT Score RangeStates
24.9-24.0 Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire
23.0-23.9 Maine, New York, Delaware, Vermont, New Jersey, Washington
22.0-22.9 Minnesota, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Idaho, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio
21.0-21.9 Indiana, South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, District of Columbia, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska
20.0-20.9 Texas, Georgia, Utah, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, Colorado, North Dakota, West Virginia, Montana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Michigan, Wyoming
18.0-19.9Kentucky, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Hawaii

ACT English Scores by State

The ACT English score results from responses to questions about usage and mechanics and rhetorical skills. The following scores are average English scores by state from 2014 ACT data.

ACT Score RangeStates
24.9-24.0 Connecticut, Massachusetts
23.0-23.9 Maine, New Hampshire
22.0-22.9 Delaware, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington
21.0-21.9 California, District of Columbia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin
20.0-20.9 Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, West Virginia
18.0-19.9Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wyoming
16.0-17.9Hawaii, North Carolina

ACT Science Scores by State

The score for the science test is determined by responses to questions about the natural sciences. Questions focus on problem-solving, analysis and reasoning. The results below are average science scores by state from 2014 data provided by ACT, Inc.

ACT Score RangeStates
24.9-24.0 N/A
23.0-23.9 Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York
22.0-22.9 Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin
21.0-21.9 District of Columbia, California, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Missouri, Oregon, Texas
20.0-20.9 Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, South Carolina, Wyoming, West Virginia
18.0-19.9Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee

ACT Math Scores by State

Math scores for the ACT are determined by test questions in the areas of pre- and elementary algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, plane geometry and intermediate algebra. Test data below shows the average score by state for 2014.

ACT Score RangeStates
24.9-24.0 Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts
23.0-23.9 New Jersey, New York, Maine, Washington, Delaware, Minnesota, Vermont
22.0-22.9 California, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Idaho, Wisconsin
21.0-21.9 Indiana, South Dakota, Ohio, Kansas, District of Columbia, Oregon, Iowa, Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Alaska, Nebraska
20.0-20.9 Illinois, Georgia, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Utah, South Carolina, Arizona
18.0-19.9Arkansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi

ACT Reading Scores by State

Scores in the reading test are determined by your skills in reading topics in the natural sciences, social studies, humanities and in literature. Average reading scores in 2014 are listed below.

ACT Score RangeStates
24.9-24.0 Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts
23.0-23.9 Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, Minnesota, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Maryland
22.0-22.9 Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, California, Missouri, South Dakota, District of Columbia, Nebraska
21.0-21.9 Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Montana, Utah, Texas
20.0-20.9 Colorado, South Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida, Wyoming, New Mexico, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona
18.0-19.9Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Hawaii

ACT Prep

Study.com offers a number of prep courses for the ACT. Each course is filled with chapters that have short, fun video lessons. You can also complete lesson quizzes along with chapter and course exams to assess your readiness for the ACT. In addition to the comprehensive ACT Prep: Help and Review course, Study.com also offers the following courses that target ACT subject area exams individually:

ACT Exam Prep Information

The ACT is a standardized college admissions test that can include a writing portion along with multiple-choice sections in four other subject areas. Read on to learn where you can find preparation materials for this exam and get other important test information.

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