What are Passing Scores for the Praxis Tests?

Overview of Praxis Test Scoring

Most Praxis tests have a scoring range of 100 - 200. Passing scores vary, however, because each state or organization sets its own passing score for each test that it uses. The passing score for a Praxis test may range from 127 - 177. Hundreds of college teaching programs and over 40 states utilize Praxis tests to measure the academic knowledge and skills of both students entering academic teaching programs and those applying for state licensure.

Exams may include multiple-choice questions, constructed-response questions, or a mix of the two. Multiple-choice sections of Praxis tests are scored based on the number of questions answered correctly, so there is no penalty for guessing. Professional educators trained and supervised by ETS handle the scoring for constructed-response questions.

Praxis Score Reports

  • For some Praxis tests, test takers may review an unofficial version of their scores immediately upon finishing their exams. Test takers have the option to either report or cancel their test score immediately after taking the test, but before seeing the unofficial results.
  • Official score reports are available online and sent to a test taker's selected school or agency as soon as 10 days after an exam, depending on the type of test and whether it is offered continuously throughout the year or only during designated date ranges.
  • All official scores are valid for 10 years from the date of the test.

Preparing to Earn Passing Scores on Praxis Tests

ETS offers several tools on its website to help test takers study for Praxis tests. These include study companions that outline the content and structure of each test, and demonstrations of the computer system used to deliver Praxis exams. Students studying for Praxis tests may also find prep courses available online. Study.com has courses for dozens of Praxis tests, and each is broken down into chapters that focus on key content areas. The chapters feature self-paced video lessons and self-assessment quizzes to measure progress. Explore a few of these Study.com offerings:

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